NEWS 1130 on “Raw milk giveaway”

From the website for NEWS 1130 radio in Chilliwack B.C. comes this report on Michael Schmidt’s raw milk giveaway outside the offices of Fraser Health:

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, cowshare member Rick Adam and former Home on the Range agister Alice Jongerden, outside Fraser Health in Chilliwack B.C. yesterday. Photo News 1130

“CHILLIWACK (NEWS1130) – There’s no sense crying over spilled milk, but putting up a fight over raw milk is another story. A feud has soured relations between a cow-milking operation in Chilliwack and the Fraser Health Authority.
People from Home on the Range Farm are giving away free milk outside Fraser Health’s Chilliwack office and dozens of people have showed up. Problem is….it’s unpasteurized milk. Fraser Health says that’s a no-no because raw milk isn’t fit for human consumption.

That fight is now before the courts. Alice Jongerdon used to head up the farm and says the consumer should be able to choose what is healthy and what isn’t.

“Whether it’s milk or washer fluid, it doesn’t matter. We have a choice to determine what is healthy or good for us,” she says.

Jongerdon stepped down so a man known as the “Raw Dairy Crusader” could take over the farm. The crusader’s real name is Michael Schmidt who won a similar legal battle in Ontario.”

News 1130 radio website.


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4 responses to “NEWS 1130 on “Raw milk giveaway”

  1. I guess I am one of the lucky ones I have a jersey cow that I milk every day.

    Keep up the good work you guys!

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