Michael Schmidt on the Chilliwack Fraser Health Unit raw milk “drink in”

Michael Schmidt shares the raw milk message with west coast TV viewers at Tuesday's raw milk "drink in" outside Fraser Health offices in Chilliwack British Columbia. Glencolton Farms photos

In an exclusive telephone interview with the Bovine Tuesday night, Michael Schmidt gave his version of the events around the raw milk demonstration / news conference outside the Fraser Health offices in Chilliwack B.C.

The scene was reminiscent of "prince of pot" Marc Emery smoking outside police stations.

Michael said that although no email had been sent out to local members of Home on the Range cowshare regarding the event, many of them did show up to show their support. However they were outnumbered by the many newspaper reporters and TV crews covering the event. Media in attendance included CTV, CBC, Vancouver Sun and Chilliwack Times.

As has been published elsewhere, Michael Schmidt had spent quite some time the previous day unsuccessfully trying to arrange a meeting with responsible people from the Fraser Health unit to have a frank discussion of the situation there vis a vis raw milk and regarding his own involvement. As of Tuesday morning, nothing had come of that, and it seemed Fraser Health had further insulated themselves from contact by hiring security guards to prevent Michael Schmidt or any of his supporters from entering the office building while the “drink in” was in progress.

"The act of civil disobedience is an act of liberation and empowerment. The reality of finding the courage to resist grows and grows once you have realized that defying bad law is a must if you care about the future" - Michael Schmidt, talking about this photo from the "drink in" at Fraser Health.

At the event, three options were on offer. Those were: pasteurized store-bought milk, windshield washer antifreeze, and raw milk. It was pointed out that the first two in that list were completely legal to distribute and drink. Some members of the media took the opportunity to taste raw milk for the first time. Michael Schmidt argued that if this raw milk was REALLY such a health hazard, officers from the health department office should have come out and laid charges.

By Tuesday evening, however, it seemed officials at Fraser Health realized that they would have to come to terms with this new reality of Michael Schmidt’s involvement, and a meeting was arranged with Tim Shum, head of enforcement, at the Fraser Health office in Vancouver. Following the meeting there seemed to be agreement that Fraser Health would communicate their position in writing regarding any future regulatory action against the raw milk cowshare and that legal questions would be properly argued in a court of law.

After the meeting, Michael Schmidt jetted to New York where he will be a featured speaker at a Biodynamic Conference in Spring Valley.

Former Home on the Range agister, Alice Jongerden, tells her story to the media.

See earlier posts on the Bovine for excerpts from the news stories arising from Tuesday’s “drink in”: CTV, Vancouver Sun, News 1130, Burnaby News Leader.

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  1. Carl Stolk

    I would like to be a shareholder, and have a regular supply here in Abbotsford.
    We were raised on it, and we raised our family on raw milk. Is this available locally ? Thanks, Carl.

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