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“Pay the farmer or pay the hospital”

11 year old, homeschooled Birke Baehr has decided he wants to be an organic farmer when he grows up, instead of an NFL football player. Thanks to Augie at the Journal of Natural Food and Healing for posting this:

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Ontario school children will still be able to supersize their sugary chocolate milk thanks to prompt lobbying by the DFO

Interesting that Leona Dombrowsky, who is now Ontario’s Education minister, was Minister of Agriculture when the Ontario legislature decided not to study raw milk in response to Bill Murdoch’s private members’ bill in 2006. She would have met with DFO (Dairy Farmers of Ontario) lobbyists regarding that legislation as well. Here’s the latest on the storm that was brewing behind the scenes over the question of limiting student access to large sizes of chocolate milk in Ontario schools, excerpted from the CBC news site. Video below — Rufus Wainwright clearly regards chocolate milk as belonging in the same category as cigarettes:

“A proposal to ban large containers of chocolate milk from Ontario’s schools will not be implemented, says the province’s education minister. Continue reading


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“Raw milk lovers reach agreement to ensure supply of bathing milk lotion”

We’re not used to getting our raw milk news from a cosmetics website, but this is what they write on the “New-Skin.net” blog:

“Their milk, however, will not be called milk on the label. Instead, the liquid will be labelled as “Cleopatra’s Bathing Lotion” and indicate it is not fit for human consumption. Continue reading


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Raw milk advocates gulp in Fraser Health’s face — Chilliwack Times

Yet another story from Michael Schmidt’s two days in the Vancouver area earlier this week, this one from the Chilliwack Times:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with former Home on the Range agister Alice Jongerden, raises a toast of raw milk outside Fraser Health offices in Chilliwack earlier this week. Photo:Chilliwack Times.

[Tuesday, September 28th, 2010] “Raw milk advocates and drinkers gulped down their unpasteurized goodness in front of Fraser Health’s offices in Chilliwack Tuesday morning. Continue reading

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If “Raw Milk is not the answer”, then what was the question?

The following is an excerpt from a letter to the editor by Tom Womack, Director of Public Affairs, Tennessee Department of Agriculture, which appears on the “Metro Pulse” website:

Web page header from Metro Pulse

“Raw Milk is Not the Answer”

“…Since 2006, through the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program, the department has invested nearly $6 million in hundreds of projects to help Tennessee farmers diversify to new and emerging farm opportunities, including agri-tourism, grape growing, honey production, organics, and value-added production of dairy and other products. There are numerous examples where Tennessee farmers are finding success through direct-to-consumer sales by producing high quality and safe products. Additional investments have been made in developing farmers markets and other infrastructure, and promotions to support direct-to-consumer sales. Continue reading

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