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Another raw milk roadside attraction — “latte crudo” vending machine in Italy

The picture below, is from a raw milk vending machine in Italy, one of many European countries where raw milk is freely available:


Photo is from the Livorno Daily Photo Blog. Go there for more photos and comments.


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Britain’s raw milk business booms

Here’s a story which Ian Cumming wrote back in 2005 for the Ontario Farmer, about a year before the infamous 2006 raid on Glencolton Farms. It’s worth noting that the British model for the regulated sale of raw milk is one that a number of Canadians, including Michael Schmidt, later recommended to the Ontario government for serious study.

What is it about farming in "the old country" of Britain and Europe that makes their raw milk so much less of a dire health hazard than milk in North America? The horns? OR the traditions?

Food safety [in Britain] is strictly regulated but demand continues to be strong for farmgate milk sales. Much of the raw milk is sold to customers who pick it up directly from the farm.

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What passes for organic eggs in America

Here’s an excerpt from Augie’s latest post “Descrambling the eggs and it won’t be easy” on his “Journal of Natural Food and Healing” blog:

“I have wanted to comment on the egg situation the day after the half-billion recall. First, I wanted to say that these types of contaminated eggs are commonplace– the reason, in part, 1 in 4 Americans get a case of food-borne illness each year. It is similar to the leafy green problem–where the spinach and such are grown in concentrated human, industrial and hospital wastes–called biosolids out in the California Salad Bowl….” Continue reading

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Raw milk from herd-shares in Michigan

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story on the Michigan raw milk scene, from “the Great Lakes Echo“, as reported by Angie Jackson:

“Got milk? Unpasteurized milk, that is.

Whether consumers should be allowed to purchase unpasteurized milk has been a hot topic in Michigan for years. Although its sale is illegal in the state, the debate over its availability and health risks is ongoing.

There’s no pending legislation to permit its sale, but farmers can legally provide unpasteurized milk through so-called “herd share” agreements. Continue reading


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