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NEW: Cowshare College Canada course outline now posted on the Events page

Aspiring Canadian cowshare farmers will have a second chance to learn how it’s done, later this month from the cowshare expert himself, Michael Schmidt. Registration form and course outline can now be found on The Bovine’s “Events” page. Here’s the news release from Cowshare College Canada:

A scene from the first Cowshare College, back in May of 2010. Glencolton Farms photo

“After Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on all charges relating to his cowshare operation earlier this year, he responded to the intense interest from producers with the first Canadian Cowshare College in May. Continue reading


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Organic gardening guru Elliot Coleman is getting into home-slaughtered meat, raw milk and food rights issues

From David E. Gumpert’s latest post:

Maine farmer Elliot Coleman shares his wisdom

“…He says he’s had animals at different times since I last saw him, and he’s spoken out about the misguided efforts to blame meat eating for contributing to climate change, such as in a 2009 Grist article, in which he states, “If I butcher a steer for my food, and that steer has been raised on grass on my farm, I am not responsible for any increased CO2. The pasture-raised animal eating grass in my field is not producing CO2, merely recycling it (short term carbon cycle) as grazing animals (and human beings) have since they evolved. It is not meat eating that is responsible for increased greenhouse gasses; it is the corn/ soybean/ chemical fertilizer/ feedlot/ transportation system under which industrial animals are raised.” Continue reading

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Biodynamics + dowsing = stronger life forces in the food that’s grown that way

These dowsing techniques illustrated in this short clip on biodynamics are not part of standard biodynamic practices. Which is not to say that they’re inappropriate or not a good idea. Maybe just not for everyone.

Biodynamics is practiced in lots of varying ways, and this is just one example that seems to work well for this particular grower.

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R U Playing “chicken” with your food?

From the “Early Onset of Night” blog:

What happens when that "mechanically separated" industrial chicken "hits" your digestion?

“Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It’s what all fast-food chicken is made from—things like chicken nuggets and patties. Also, the processed frozen chicken in the stores is made from it. Continue reading

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