Rawsome raid featured on The Colbert Report television news comedy show

So that’s why we’re suddenly getting massive traffic from searches for “Rawsome Raid”. From David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog:

Stephen Colbert. Photo via Photoshelter

“There was a very cute “report” on the Rawesome Food Club raid and raw milk on The Colbert Report. It’s a comedy show, so they had to make it sound funny–out-of-control government, chuckle-chuckle on the “Raw”–but the seriousness did come through when they showed the actual footage of the raiders with their guns drawn June 30. Hard to escape reality.

I’ll give David Acheson, the former head of food safety at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, credit for being the straight man in allowing himself to be interviewed, and skewered.

The good news about the segment was that the government June 30 raid footage finally was finally shown to a national audience. (Huge numbers of people get their “news” from this and “The Daily Show”, another comedy news show.) The establishment media, of course, shy away from such stuff, for fear of irritating their masters.

The segment also did good by presenting the raw milk issue as a matter of rights (“Pasteurization without representation,” as Rep. Ron Paul stated) and the best line of the segment, in my judgment, went to James Stewart of Rawesome when he said,  “It’s my right to get dysentery if I choose to.” Sounds crazy, but we do have the right to consume foods that damage our liver (alcohol), kidneys (highly salted snack and other foods), and pancreas (the many high-sugar foods).

Unfortunately, the show couldn’t examine the followup problems that I described briefly in my previous post. I think Tim Wightman has the right idea about The State’s intentions in a raid, in his comment following my previous post. But the effects are increasingly to make life miserable for suppliers caught up in the dragnet via the follow-on harassment and heavy-handed techniques.

My sense is that consumers are ever more prepared to continue buying from producers who have been targeted. Some of those producers simply duck under the radar and go their way to quietly supply customers. From what I’m told, Rawesome Food Club has seen its membership climb since the June 30 guns-drawn raid. That has to scare the authorities, because if consumers won’t be scared off by goons with drawn guns in their food outlet, then what will they be scared off by?…”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.

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4 responses to “Rawsome raid featured on The Colbert Report television news comedy show

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  2. John

    Personally, I thought the segment was nothing but mockery. It made light of the raid, made raw milk supporters look crazy, and sort of justified the whole thing. You and others seem to have seen it differently, but the way the segment was pieced together was clearly aimed at marginalizing those that prefer health freedom. Even the information given by the man concerning raw milk was made to sound loony — something about vibrations and what not. There are much better and more sound scientific arguments for why raw milk is healthier, but none of that was mentioned. It was only made to look funny, while gently exposing the incident to the public in a way that disengages their brains and keeps them laughing. It really wasn’t a good thing, in my opinion…

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