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Rawsome raid raw milk and food rights publicity bonanza on Colbert TV Report

Kimberly Hartke on the Colbert show feature about the Rawsome raid in L.A.:

Photos illustration by: AZRainman

When comedians start having a field day, it is a good day in politics.

Ok, so talking about vibrations may not be the best way to “sell” the health benefits of raw milk, but you have got to admit, this is important publicity of this event. I love the way the word raw turns to war on the milk bottle, the graphics department at Colbert Report is RAWESOME! I can’t wait until you see this! Continue reading

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Bill to allow sale of raw milk via herd shares moves forward in Wyoming

This story comes to us via the Billings Gazette and is by Joshua Wolfson of the Casper Star Tribune:

“BUFFALO — A bill that would allow for the sale of raw milk in Wyoming passed an important legislative hurdle Tuesday.

The Joint Agriculture Committee voted to sponsor legislation that would legalize the sale of raw milk through so-called “herd-share agreements.” Such agreements allow consumers to purchase a share of a cow or goat, paying a rancher for a portion of its care in exchange for milk produced by the animal.

It’s illegal in Wyoming to sell raw milk, but that hasn’t stopped proponents from purchasing fresh milk by traveling to other states or making under-the-table arrangements. Continue reading

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Did Monsanto sell rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) to Eli Lilly?

Screen grab from HD video on that Facebook page. Click to go there.

That’s according to this page on Facebook. From Adriana R. Toro:
“Eli Lilly is now the sole manufacturer of rBGH — the artificial growth hormone given to dairy cows that increases peoples risk of cancer. Eli Lilly also manufactures breast cancer treatment medications and a pill that reduces the risk of breast cancer. Eli Lilly is milking cancer. Tell them to stop making rBGH.

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