Did Monsanto sell rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) to Eli Lilly?

Screen grab from HD video on that Facebook page. Click to go there.

That’s according to this page on Facebook. From Adriana R. Toro:
“Eli Lilly is now the sole manufacturer of rBGH — the artificial growth hormone given to dairy cows that increases peoples risk of cancer. Eli Lilly also manufactures breast cancer treatment medications and a pill that reduces the risk of breast cancer. Eli Lilly is milking cancer. Tell them to stop making rBGH.

Think before you pink! See the website of the honest non-profit, Breast Cancer Action, atwww.ThinkBeforeYouPink.org to learn more.

The great harm of the cancer industry Make no mistake: the cancer industry has become a corporate profit machine that causes great harm to men and women of all races and nationalities. In its endless quest for profits, the industry has forgotten that medicine was supposed to be about helping women live healthier, happier lives, free of breast cancer and empowered with the knowledge necessary to do so. Instead, is has devolved into a system of enforced ignorance, patient exploitation and harmful profiteering. That’s the cancer industry today.

So the next time you see a pink ribbon, or a product promotion that advertises a “pink” connection to breast cancer research, remember what the cancer industry really stands for:

Keeping all women ignorant

Enslaving women in a system of treatment that doesn’t work

Exploiting women’s bodies to initiate a transfer of wealth to cancer industry organizations

The domination of rich, Big Pharma over women patients

The use women to enslave other women into a chemical treatment trap


The cancer industry hopes you remain ignorant. YOU are the only person who has an interest in keeping you healthy. Remember: The healthier you are, the less you’re worth to the cancer industry! The average cancer patient generates about $800,000 in revenues for the cancer industry. I strongly suggest that you find ways to deny the industry those revenues by avoiding this easily preventable disease altogether!”

Once again, that page on Facebook

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One response to “Did Monsanto sell rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) to Eli Lilly?

  1. thebovine

    You mean to tell me that they’d WANT to market a product that would increase the demand for their other products, in spite of the fact that people would be getting sick in the process….

    NO, it couldn’t be!

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