Stop GMOs in our food supply

Raine Saunders, from her “Agriculture Society” blog:

October is Non-GMO Month.

Genetically-modified substances and organisms are becoming more and more pervasive in our food supply in the United States.

Over the last two decades, agriculture and science technology have been using genetically-modified organisms in growing crops for food and many other uses.

The process involves the deletion or insertion of specific genes into the DNA for the purpose of enhancing desirable traits in the plant or animal. Genetically-modified organisms have had alterations made to their DNA with the use of genetic engineering techniques.

GMO foods were first seen on the market in the early 1990s. In most cases, genetically-modified foods are transgenic plant products including the following: soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. The development of animal products including genetically-modified salmon and pigs have also occurred, but currently there are none on the market.

This issue poses a threat not only to environmental and human health, but brings up questions of safety and economic concerns as well.  The rbGH, rbST growth hormone typically used in dairy cows has been banned in Europe and most U.S. dairies, you can still find this substance in “all natural” products such as companies like Breyer’s ice cream.

This problem can be stopped by the consumer, just by taking action.

The Institute for Responsible Technology, headed by spokesperson Jeffrey Smith is starting a campaign to bring their message to the the public to create enough support to push GMO foods out of our food supply and market. Already, nearly 400 retail stores selling natural products in the United States are promoting the spread of information about making healthier choices by avoiding GMO products and foods.

Please watch this informative video featuring an interview with Jeffery Smith by Dr. Mercola about the issues caused by genetically-modified organisms and strategies to avoid genetically-modified foods. We want to send a message to companies like Monsanto who produce these franken-foods and companies and food growers who support them that these substances should not be in our food supply!…”

Read the rest on Agriculture Society

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  1. Thanks for using my posts on your site! I appreciate all you do here at The Bovine! Important work is being done and we need to keep supporting the real food movement. Many thanks!

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