Wide world o’ raw milk news

Raw milk farmer Scott Trautman with his family and a few of his dairy cows.

Elizabeth Walling on the virtues of raw milk (Natural News)


Raw milk dairies can infect non-customers (Vancouver Sun)

Raw milk a healthier alternative (Vancouver Magazine)

Regulator Fights Exemptions for Homemade Foods and Raw Milk (Marler Blog)

Autism and diet (Journal for Natural Food and Healing)

Is butter healthy? (Elizabeth Walling)

A new review of David E. Gumpert’s book “The Raw Milk Revolution” (Livin’ La Vida Low Carb blog)

VIDEO (US only): Colbert Report on Rawsome Raid (Comedy Central)

Stories that are not directly related to raw milk:

Monsanto may be worst stock of 2010 (NY Times)

Food Freedom Act puts consumers at risk (Wyoming Tribune)

Weston A. Price Foundation international Conference Nov. 11 – 14 near Philadelphia wins “Menu of the Year” award! (Journal of Natural Food and Healing)

Raine Saunders is going to the Wise Traditions conference this year (Agriculture Society)

Facebook breastfeeding picture story fails to mention raw milk angle (CBC news)

The Coke Machine: The dirty truth behind the world’s favourite soft drink (about a new book)

Rediscovered wheat seeds that resist climate change effects

VIDEO: Mouseland, a political parable from the author of Canada’s health-care system

VIDEO: health damage from compulsory vaccination

GMO corn linked to organ failure (HuffPo)

VIDEO: Supercow (well, super-bull, to be more precise) — on Belgian Blue breeding in France (National Geographic)

Get to know your farmer (Kelly the Kitchen Kop)

VIDEO: How they make hot dogs out of odds and ends of meat-like stuff (National Geographic)

The case for legalizing marijuana (Globe and Mail)

Don’t eat soy if you want to have children (Mercola): “…. Genetically modified soybeans are called Roundup Ready. They are inserted with a bacterial gene, which allows the plants to survive a normally deadly dose of Roundup herbicide. Although the spray doesn’t kill the plant, its active ingredient called glyphosate does accumulate in the beans themselves, which are consumed by rats, livestock, and humans. There is so much glyphosate in GM soybeans, when they were introduced Europe had to increase their allowable residue levels by 200 fold….”

Photo via Scott Trautman on Facebook.


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2 responses to “Wide world o’ raw milk news

  1. cheryl hadden

    The title to the comment says it all:
    Raw milk dairies can infects non consumers

    OMIGOD! The raw milk dairies are cesspools hellbent on contaminating the world! By some miracle they can infect those who DON’T CONSUME RAW MILK!
    AAGGHHH! Run for your life, run, run, RUN!
    OK, Enough sarcasm, now back to reality.
    Of course, there is no reality in the whole article, just accusations, lies and bigger lies and unsupported statements as though they were facts.
    Oh, but it sounds so scary! It’s in the newspaper!
    And all written by a doctor! Who could argue with a doctor who makes blanket statements about how great modern medicine is and how backward and ignorant anyone who has a different view can be. Not to mention being a danger to society with our reckless ideas on health!
    So Hitler wins again! After all he was the master of deception!
    A lie told enough times will be accepted as truth.
    Worked for him, seems to work for the nasty distillery slop, chicken manure feeding pasteurized dairies.
    Because the truth is they don’t care what they feed their cows as long as it’s cheap and they can blame any problems on raw milk dairies!
    To hell with the facts that what cows are fed affects the quality of the milk they give and the disease level rise when cows are not allowed to eat grass but are fed unnatural things like hay mixed chicken manure, distillery waste and corn. It naturally raises the E.Coli and listeria levels in the cows intestines.
    Or that hundreds of salmonella cases came from pasteurized milk or that 70 million cases of food poisoning DIDN’T COME FROM RAW MILK!
    The bad dairies know this but don’t want the public to know it.
    Don’t get me started on vaccines and modern drugs!
    The govt and the news media will help by spreading the lies around for them, no problem.
    This was always an uphill battle, and everytime it looks like we are gaining ground, out comes another article like the this one from the Vancouver Sun newspaper.
    It’s no coincidence that this is from the area where the battle for food freedom is raging right now. The Raw Milk fight is on and we must be winning!
    See for yourself, the claims are unfound, nothing new, just the same old speil, same old lines repeated again, in case we forgot.
    Here is the link, judge for yourself.

  2. The queen of England drinks raw milk! We support raw milk and discuss the benefits in our 4 minute clip here: http://www.naturalfoodfinder.co.uk/raw-milk-unpasteurised-video-blog

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