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Finally, a video version of that Colbert Report on raw milk that can be viewed by Canadians (and other U.S. aliens)

Previously available online video versions have been restricted to U.S. viewing only. Finally here’s one that can be seen in Canada, and presumably on Alpha Centauri as well. Never mind the world, the whole universe cares about raw milk. It’s not called “The Milky Way” for nothing, you know.

Stephen Colbert shares his gut feelings on raw milk. Click frame grab image above to go to video page

Another link to that video. Continue reading

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Restauranteur in China finds vertical integration (growing their own food) is the only way to ensure quality

From David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog:

“Ever since Lejen Chen, a Chinese-American, opened her New-York-style diner, Mrs. Shanen’s, in Beijing seven years ago, the biggest challenge has been ensuring a clean safe supply of food.

By clean and safe, Chen isn’t talking necessarily about pathogen-free. She means free of the chemicals, pesticides, toxic sludge, and GMO products that have contaminated so much of the Chinese food supply, as epitomized by the scandal over melamine-tainted baby formula, along with other dairy products. She also means having access to “clean manure.” Too often, she says, “We’d find needles and asbestos from roofing” in chicken, pig, and cow manure purchased from neighboring livestock farms. Continue reading

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Chilliwack raw dairy will be back in court this Thursday October 14th

By Brian Lewis, from “The Province”:

According to reports, Queen Elizabeth — the sprightly 84-year-old who has ruled Britannia for 58 years now — drinks raw milk.

It’s also said that Her Majesty is so keen on it that when grandsons princes William and Harry were at Eton, raw milk from the monarch’s Windsor dairy herd was delivered daily to them at the school.

Therefore, given the long life of our noble Queen, how come B.C. bureaucrats — especially those entrenched at the administration-heavy Fraser Health Authority — are making such a fuss about a micro raw-milk dairy in Chilliwack that produces its unpasteurized product only for its shareholders? Continue reading


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One person’s experience with raw milk

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