Michael Schmidt visits the “Our Cows” raw milk farming team in Chilliwack

As part of his recent visit to the west coast of Canada to take part in the court proceedings concerning Alice Jongerden, Michael also visited the farm that’s at the centre of all the controversy, formerly known as “Home on the Range” and now as “Our Cows”, as well as taking time to meet with the people involved in running that enterprise. Michael sends this photo and report:

The "Our Cows" team: Michael, Felicity, Sui, Tyla, David

My day in BC is focused on trying to bring some sense of security and direction into the operation. Fraser health authority created chaos confusion and uncertainty amongst the hardworking members of our cow share. Alice and her family has created such a strong community of faithful cow share members.


It is wonderful to see Felicity Wilson as part of the crew. Felicity went through intense training at Glencolton Farms and will use her experience to support and work with our cows cow share operation.
The farm couple David and his wife Tyla and Sui in charge of processing are all pillars of a wonderful community.

It once again becomes clear that community involvement in farming is a future model which can provide a new sense of responsibility for the future.

I connected once again with Fraser Health,s Tim Shum responsible for enforcement and offered to meet with him. He was glad that I phoned but did not feel that we had any outstanding issues. I promised to connect with him again in November.

All in all we are working hard to secure the cow share model in such a way that more farmers can join and more people can be part of a wonderful community based farming model.

Our land
Our cows
Our food
Our health
Our future

Thanks to all who have the courage to join the battle for our Food rights.


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4 responses to “Michael Schmidt visits the “Our Cows” raw milk farming team in Chilliwack

  1. kelly keys

    thanks for all your doing to ensure that we have the right to choose what we feed our bodies.I grow veggies,we raise heritage turkeys,chickens for eggs and meat,beef,and i own a share in a jersey for milk,yogurt,butter and cheese.I am by no means a puritan, i still go to the grocery store, but i do do as much a i can locally. to me its the choice that matters, and the right to that choice.thanks again.my aggisor keeps me advised on what is going on and forwards all just wanted you to know of the support and appreciation.

  2. I find the argument by Fraser Health absolutely false; I grew up on raw milk, many families did on the prairies and still do . . . this argument is such a farce.
    If we have our own garden, our own chickens, our own cows why should we not be able to use our own food supply.
    For those who want to drink pasteurized milk, then let them drink it, but those of us who chose to be responsible for our own health then we should be allowed to drink raw milk.

  3. Larry Simpson

    Can I become a member Thks Larry ph 7788662712

  4. Raoul

    Larry : Cow Share Canada Membership Form Application http://foodrightsalliance.ca/CowshareCanadaAppl.pdf

    – The link is also in the upper right corner of this website

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