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Rawsome-style food clubs proliferate because of partner conflict and public demand in wake of recent police raid

You couldn’t buy publicity like Rawsome has been getting since the raid. Although mainstream coverage has been mostly limited to the L.A. Times, Time magazine, and The Colbert Report, the story has been all over the blogosphere.

Business as usual at Rawsome Foods private club in Los Angeles. Pic: The Complete Patient.

And in spite of armed invasion by those purporting to represent “government”, the people who heard the story were not dissuaded from wanting the food. In fact now that they learned that there was such a place, where food could be obtained outside the regulatory stranglehold, they wanted in on the action. Continue reading

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Agister’s wife assaulted by officials in Edmonton Alberta raw milk seizure?

Latest report from the [Canadian] wild west, via Gordon Watson:

Raw milk -- target of unlawful seizure by Alberta officials? Click image for source.

“I just got off the phone from conversation with an agister managing a herd with 2 cows, near Edmonton Alberta. He told me that yesterday afternoon (Oct 27 2010) his wife was pulled over while delivering raw milk to a member of the cowshare. An officer of the Edmonton police and an officer of some provincial ministry physically assaulted this lady, bruising and traumatizing her so badly that she went to the hospital, getting back home at 3 in the morning. All – in order to seize one gallon of raw milk out of her vehicle. That gallon being private property. Continue reading


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Rawsome raid conducted “by criminal elements of local, federal and state law enforcement”, says Mike Adams

Health Ranger Mike Adams of Natural News finally gives his considered critique of the raid on Rawsome Foods in Los Angeles, California:

Photo of Rawsome Foods sign in L.A. by Daniel Beaman via Flickr

“(NaturalNews) On June 30, 2010, a group of armed government agents from local, state, federal and even the Canadian government illegally trespassed on private property and raided Rawesome Foods, a private food buying club in Venice, California. With guns drawn, these agents tore through the property stealing computers, raw dairy products and honey, all while holding some of the volunteer workers hostage for several hours. When the agents finally left, they took with them thousands of dollars in private property as well as the surveillance footage of their armed rampage. Continue reading


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Missouri Milk Board uber alles

The latest developments in the Morningland Dairy scandal, as documented by Doreen Hannes, via Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

Pic via allthingscheese.com

“©Doreen Hannes — Those following the saga of Morningland Dairy should be aware that this past week has been a relentless roller coaster ride. On the upside of the roller coaster, many have donated to the Uncheese Party to help the family farmstead business in this battle, and Joe and Denise Dixon, owners of Morningland Dairy, are humbled and grateful for the generosity and dedication those committed to preserving access to real food have shown.

On the downside, the FDA sent a rather nasty toned letter asserting that they consider Morningland cheese “to pose an acute, life-threatening hazard to health.” While not a single report or complaint of illness has been reported in the 30 year history of Morningland, the FDA states in their letter that “because of the seriousness of this situation” Morningland “should conduct inspections for 100% effectiveness at their accounts”. You could accurately translate that to “more downtime, more money out of pocket, less likelihood of recovery,” and you’d be right. Continue reading

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