First they came for the raw milk…

From Russ at the “Volatility” blog:

“I’ve never drank raw milk, but it’s my right to do so. Humanity has done so for tens of thousands of years. On a broader level, we have a human and constitutional right to grow and produce our own food and distribute it among ourselves as citizens. When you read the history books few things stand out as so emblematic of tyranny as feudal designations of all the produce of the land and the farmer as belonging to the king or the nobles.

Therefore it’s a metric of our recrudescence into a new feudalism that a new King, in the form of corporate agriculture and its government lackeys, is trying to proclaim itself the total lord of the food demesne, with the full force of law and the full violence of armed robbery.

Since it’s a “fringe” culture, raw milk is ground zero for the government’s war on food freedom. Corporatism thinks that if it can make raw milk persecution the template, and establish here the legal, political, and tactical precedents, it can from there launch a broader assault on all production and distribution of food outside the corporate system.

Before I continue let me stress that in all the years of the industry there has been only one documented case of food-borne illness arising from raw milk. On the other hand, Jack DeCoster’s Wright Eggs, a factory-farming oligopolist, recently sickened thousands with salmonella poisoning. This was only the latest and worst outrage in DeCoster’s decades-long campaign of flouting health rules, abuse of workers and animals, environmental degradation, and socioeconomic devastation. His record is typical among corporate producers.

In spite of Jack DeCoster’s open contempt for the law and for all food safety rules, prior to the salmonella outbreak he has never been subjected by government authorities to more than cursory inspections and flaccid letters. Let’s be clear: The feds knew about DeCoster’s practices, and they knew that he’d inevitably cause a major outbreak. But these “authorities” intentionally chose to go through the motions. They telegraphed the fact that, much like the corporations themselves, government regards food-borne illness as just a hazard of doing business. Where it comes to the big producers, that is. But with the small private clubs who drink raw milk they’ve been far more intrepid….”

Read it all on Volatility.

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