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More on that forcible seizure of raw milk near Edmonton by agriculture ministry inspector backed by police

More details on that assault of a cow share agister near Edmonton by officials last week, via Michael Schmidt:

“October 26, 2010    Seizure of Milk Incident  This is a revised version posted Nov. 2, 2010:

Judith arrived at church around 6:30 p.m. to attend bible study.  Carl, a potential cow share buyer, approached the van as Judith was going around taking her 4 year old daughter, out of the van.  Carl had called earlier to purchase milk and was informed by Judith that she does not sell milk but people purchase cows or cow shares and that they milk the people’s cows for them. He was told that she would not do this without him signing a cow share contract so he was meeting her on the pretense that he was interested in a cow share.  While Carl was there three people walked up to the passenger’s slider door of the van.  Judith recognized Greg G. Smith, Investigator and Inspector, Agriculture and Rural Development and took action to close the van door. Greg G. Smith pushed against Judith and stepped in to block the door closing.  The men addressed Judith by name.  One person took Carl off to the side.  Greg introduced everyone to Judith and she asked for all their business cards (see attached for the cards produced). Judith was given two of Glenn’s business cards so the third person was not identified. Continue reading


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The black market for raw milk keeps growing in Canada — CTV Edmonton

Found this while looking to see if anyone else was reporting on the recent incident near Edmonton involving police and the wife of a raw milk agister. This is by Jennifer Tryon, CTV Food Specialist:

Image from CTV Edmonton website

‘A dark shadow is being cast over the food that gives us life. CTV News has uncovered a growing underground of illegal, unpasteurized milk.

“What we’re providing is milk at its purest,” says one raw milk farmer, who only agreed to be interviewed if his identity is concealed.

According to a government document, a quarter of a million Canadians drink unpasteurized milk. The farmer interviewed by CTV News says the demand is high. Some customers travel more than 200 kilometres to buy his illegal milk.

“I would say [customers] beg for the milk. It’s not even asking. They beg for the milk.” Continue reading


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