More on that forcible seizure of raw milk near Edmonton by agriculture ministry inspector backed by police

More details on that assault of a cow share agister near Edmonton by officials last week, via Michael Schmidt:

“October 26, 2010    Seizure of Milk Incident  This is a revised version posted Nov. 2, 2010:

Judith arrived at church around 6:30 p.m. to attend bible study.  Carl, a potential cow share buyer, approached the van as Judith was going around taking her 4 year old daughter, out of the van.  Carl had called earlier to purchase milk and was informed by Judith that she does not sell milk but people purchase cows or cow shares and that they milk the people’s cows for them. He was told that she would not do this without him signing a cow share contract so he was meeting her on the pretense that he was interested in a cow share.  While Carl was there three people walked up to the passenger’s slider door of the van.  Judith recognized Greg G. Smith, Investigator and Inspector, Agriculture and Rural Development and took action to close the van door. Greg G. Smith pushed against Judith and stepped in to block the door closing.  The men addressed Judith by name.  One person took Carl off to the side.  Greg introduced everyone to Judith and she asked for all their business cards (see attached for the cards produced). Judith was given two of Glenn’s business cards so the third person was not identified.

Judith informed them that her van was a private vehicle, that they had no jurisdiction over her.  She stood in front of the slider door so they could not get in.  The men were stating that “we know what you are doing, you are transporting milk, we are seizing the milk, you cannot stop us, our boss is really mad at you.”  Greg is detaining Judith and constantly moving right into her face and stepping into her, blocking, jostling and bumping her around.  “He was all over me.”

The van was running so they told her to shut the van off.  Judith locked the door from the passenger side and walked around to the driver’s side and got in the van and went to pull the driver’s door shut.  As she is getting in the vehicle Judith is stating her rights.  When she went to close the door Greg put his body between the door and Judith and he grabbed the door and pulled it open to stop her from closing it.  Greg grabbed Judith’s left forearm.  Judith is yelling “don’t touch me, get your hands off me, I want the cops here, I have private rights.”  There were six people that witnessed the yelling and the incident.

Judith was traumatized and coughing uncontrollably that she shut off the van and took her daughter Alyia out of the van.  Alyia had been woken up by Judith and the men’s loud talking and she was crying.  Greg told Judith to stop yelling because she was upsetting Alyia.  Alyia had already woken up when they were on the passenger’s side and had been crying then.

As Judith got out of the vehicle with Alyia her muscles were pulled in her leg.  Judith called to Robert and Lynda Scott as they were walking by on their way to start bible study.  Judith told Robert to get Pastor Gerald and to call the police.  She kept yelling for people to phone the police.  Judith asked to take Alyia into the church where bible study was being held.  Greg was right in her personal space “he was all over me, literally in my face, stepping right into me, bumping me with his shoulders to get into the van” until he realized that Judith knew people and she had witnesses then he backed off.

Judith pointed to the 8 ½  x 11 private vehicle sign on the passengers side front window.  She was really coughing too much so she left and went into the church to get a drink and she had to use the washroom because of the violent coughing.  She called for Pastor Gerald who was getting his shoes on and he went outside to talk to the men and police officers who had arrived by then.  Judith tried to phone Eric but couldn’t get him.  Gerald came back to find Judith and they went back out together and talked to the Constable Jonathan Compton.  Judith told Constable Compton “they were assaulting me.  He said “Do you have witnesses?”  Judith said, “Yes, I have witnesses.”  All he was concerned about was helping Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and Alberta Health Services get into the vehicle.  The government officials were telling Judith “Open the vehicle or they were going to smash the windows or seize the vehicle.” Nobody listened to Judith even though she kept repeating herself but no one would listen to her.  Gerald tried to talk but they were not listening.  The government officials tried to give a piece of folded paper that said what they were doing but she was refusing to take it because she was standing on her rights.  After the policeman advised her to take the paper so that she had some idea of what they were doing she accepted the paper.

They gave an ultimatum, “we will break your windows or seize your vehicle if you do not open the door.”  They could not see any milk in the vehicle.  Judith opened the van speaking out “I open the van in protest and distress.  She repeated this numerous times.  Constable Compton mocked Judith’s statement of protest and distress.”  Judith opened the van and they took out her tithes and offerings that were to be given at the church service.  Judith also handed copy of the cow-share contract to Glenn Jenkin, Environment Health Officer, Alberta Health Services. Judith then asked for the three police officers for their business cards.  Constable Compton said “you need to be more polite.”  Judith replied with “please.”  All three of the officers said they did not have to give her their cards but Constable Compton did.  The police did not ask or listen to Judith regarding anything or write anything down.

After they took everything out of Judith’s van Greg said that because of her resistance that she would be getting nothing back and that they would be going out to the farm to charge her.

This report was recorded by Charlene Bishop interviewing Judith Johnson at the University Alberta Hospital on October 26, 2010.

Read our earlier report on this story here.


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16 responses to “More on that forcible seizure of raw milk near Edmonton by agriculture ministry inspector backed by police

  1. thebovine

    It sounds like, according to this video at least, Judith was doing everything right. Can we say the same for the officials and the police?

  2. Michael

    In case people have not yet realized the seriousness of the current situation where State agencies in Canada and the US are out for an all out assault on raw dairy producers. 
    We the farmers and you the consumer have no choices left. In case there are some dreamers and head in the sand people who still think of conforming. please study history and prepare your self for a crude reality shock when police also knocks on your door. 

  3. Lawrence Gillespie

    Thank you for this post. I don’t really understand why health officials feel so threatened by a few people drinking unpasteurized milk. I appreciate what people like Judith are doing and putting themselves through to ensure our right to consume healthy food.

  4. AJ

    It also should be said that the media is neglecting to reveal what is truly happening. I live in Edmonton and I have not seen one news report about this. If the populace were to know that a young mother was assaulted and threatened by authorities in front of her daughter, there would be no end to the outrage.

    Thanks again Michael for all that you are doing to form the resistance against this assault on our freedoms. We all must do what we can, and it is not going to be an easy fight.

  5. the Dairy Industry Act expressly says that if an officer is rebuffed when attempting to obtain a sample of milk, he MUST go to a judge and get a Warrant.
    in that the gallon of milk at issue was property being delivered as part of a religious ministry, the officals breached section 176 of the Criminal Code. As in British Columbia, govt. officials are the ones who are breaking the law … “wrong is put in place of right, and the man who calls for Justice, maketh himself a prey”

    • Walter's Dad

      Actually, the DIA says the inspector MAY apply to a judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench for an order (S. 10). Not the same as a MUST.

      Irregardless, physical force or detainment by the inspector, if it occurred, is not acceptable. If it escalated to that point, they probably should have got the order.

  6. AJ

    MAY or MUST !!??!?…..

    This legal jargon is worth CRAP! Has common sense and any sense of intergrity been totaly lost?? 3 police officers supported 3 other hoodlum authorities in bullying a young mother with child present in a church parking lot. For what? A GALLON OF MILK!!!! HELLO, with all of the meth labs and actual criminals out there, could not our tax $$$ been better spent?

    I have not been a milk drinker, but, recently I have been thinking of becoming one. And, when I do I will speak with my money and support this underground milk movement. So, in a way the authorities are doing dairymen a favor by playing hardball with good citizens. In the end they will not achieve their gaoals – IDIOTS!!!!

    • nedlud

      Have a glass of milk on me, AJ.

      Most of the ‘criminals’ out there, are in the actual employ of the state.

      Whether it be US, Canadian or International criminals, they work for the government, they ARE the government…

      It is becoming very old, very dreary, very depressing news.

      Criminals run the show. They get paid and we don’t….

      your friend,

      • AJ

        Thankyou Nedlud:

        They get paid very very well by our tax dollars!! Do they not know the old adage, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” The only justice is that they all must consume toxic government food protocols, and I hope that they all get vaccinated with everything coming down the pipe. In this way I can have some empathy for them, for it is evident that such leads to brain damage and violent behaviour.

        What some people must do to justify a job!!

  7. Michael

    It all comes down to the question. Can we act or just talk. Government is never afraid off talking rebels. They will only fear those who act fearlessly

    • AJ

      You are absolutely right Michael. I also agree that I have expressed strong opinions in rightous anger. We still have freedom of speech for now, even if it is limited to anonymous banter, for many are dragged into costly court for things written or spoken.

      Not all of us have the means, the energy, or the time to take on a court fight as you have. Some of us are just getting by day to day, and are struggling with our own battles. However, we all can become informed and support those such as yourself in whatever way that we can. Even if that support just means passing the information along, or a vote, or buying a jug of raw milk.

      Best Regards.

      • Michael

        I like to add that taking actions includes getting as much info out to the public as possible. Building networks and support groups. Part of today’s struggle is the overload we are burdened with. Setting priorities, setting boundaries and understanding the big picture will help defining our ability to battle. The last important aspect is the NO fear factor and the WILL to confront injustice

  8. thanks for that precious clarification, Walt Snr… my mistake for citing the law as it is in British Columbia, foremost on my mind.
    what puzzles me is your motive for kibitzing on this forum = always niggling-away, coming down on the side of the nanny-state as its bungling bureaucrats shamelessly play what the communists called ‘the food weapon’? Fortunately Canada has enough Ukranians for whom the Holomordor is within living memory.
    I expect you have an excuse, too, for the similarity between thugs in the uniform of the state, in Edmonton, and the thugs who wore the uniform of the Bolsheviks : both taking displaying the badge of authority as they took food out of the mouths of women and children

  9. Barb W.

    I agree to freedom of choice and the benefits of consuming the raw milk. Does anyone have a good video or slide show that would explain the healthiness of the raw milk? People need to be educated. Media support their agenda and imprint their unhealthy one to their minds. Once they understand the difference of the raw and pasteurized milk with the hormone, antibiotics additions etc, they would make a smart choice and hopefully fight for it.

  10. Jim H

    Barb W. – This video from a raw milk dairy in US is a start.

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