Michael Schmidt’s update on the rapidly unfolding Alberta front in raw milk war

This just in from raw milk farmer and advocate Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt meeting recently in Florida with local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader Cynthia and Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund Lawyer Pete Kennedy to discuss food rights issues.

Update on the Alberta raw milk war:

It seems as if several Provinces in Canada have taken on to challenge the Cow Share concept in order to prevent a repeat of what happened in Ontario.

I am in close contact with Judith the agister for the local cow share group [near Edmonton]. I am also in close contact with a wonderful lady with great organisational talent who works on behalf of the members and those who are very much concerned about food freedom.

As of today it has become very clear that health authorities and agricultural authorities have banded together to take another farmer lady down.

I have not seen yet the details of the papers they delivered to Judith. She denied them entry and they announced that they will be back with a search warrant.

I will be in Edmonton at the Legislature to jointly give a press conference with the local farmers about the current situation and about further actions we will take to protect farmers against these assaults.

As I mentioned before we are witnessing a dramatic increase by government agencies to destroy small farms and small cow share communities.

I will have to now focus my energy  towards building coalitions across Canada to counter these vicious attacks.

This is not anymore a matter of defending farmers, this is not anymore a matter of defending consumers this is a matter of defending our fundamental rights.

Please read below papers related to the latest attack on a cow share farm in Alberta. Please forward them and publish them as wide as possible to help spread the word.

It is disturbing and clearly demonstrates the intent to squash the emergence of private cow shares and food clubs.





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3 responses to “Michael Schmidt’s update on the rapidly unfolding Alberta front in raw milk war

  1. thebovine

    Be sure to read this related story that provides important background information on the Alberta raw milk developments:


    Note that the account at the link above was revised at 7:15 pm on Nov. 2, 2010.

  2. AJ

    Thanks again Michael, and to all who are now assisting in your mission. In fact it may no longer be just your mission. In fact it is the battle that we all must take part in. I will do my part to distribute this disturbing order, people need to wake up to what is happening in our midst.

    Blessings and favor out to all of you with your meeting at the Alberta Legislature on Monday NOv. 8/10. I have a job to work, so unfortunately I cannot take part. But, when I can I would like to send in money to the “defense fund”, because I believe it is a must.

    Please provide the address to do so.


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