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Michael Schmidt shuts down Alberta cowshare farm over not meeting Cow Share Canada operating standards

This just in from Michael Schmidt (revised 4:40 pm):

In a surprise move, Raw Milk Advocate Michael Schmidt announces today that he has put a stop to the Alberta cow share operation which has been in the news lately because it did not meet the basic standards required under the Cow Share Canada guidelines.

Michael went to visit the operation Monday November 8, following a media conference he held at the Alberta Legislature.

“This is the very reason we founded Cow Share Canada,” says Biodynamic Farmer Schmidt, “to ensure that those who are part of the program meet certain minimum standards, which are in fact higher than the ones set by the dairy industry, in order to have safe and healthy raw milk for cow share members. Continue reading


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Vancouver raw milk cowsharers meet

Michael Schmidt is now in B.C. after his news conference in Alberta:

Michael Schmidt met one of his former cowshare members from Ontario, Gina, who is now a cowshare member in Chilliwack. It's a small raw milk world out there. Thanks to Michael for the pictures.

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There are roughly two dozen clandestine raw milk cowshare operations in Alberta — Michael Schmidt

The following excerpts are from a story in the Edmonton Journal Nov. 9 by Karen Kleiss titled “Farmer Brings Crusade for Raw Milk”:

Raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt brought his fight to legalize the distribution of unpasteurized dairy products to Alberta on Monday.

“I am here to mark this day as a turning point,” Schmidt told supporters on the steps of the legislature. “A turning point because we the farmers, we the consumers, we as concerned people of Canada are officially rejecting those who pass regulations without respecting our fundamental rights.”

It is illegal to sell raw milk in Canada, but Schmidt and his supporters say raw, unpasteurized milk is healthier than pasteurized supermarket milk and perfectly safe. Continue reading


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“Raw milk — that’s udderly stupid”

Anti-raw-milk sentiment rears it’s head in this opinion column by Mindelle Jacobs in the Edmonton Sun:


Raw milk supporters want the right to be stupid. They seem to believe there’s a government conspiracy to cover up the benefits of unpasteurized milk.

These people are dangerous and their crazy ideas need to be vigorously debunked. Undoubtedly, there are people who don’t get sick from drinking raw milk. Well, there are heavy smokers who live to be 90 but that doesn’t mean cigarettes are good for you. Continue reading


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