Vancouver raw milk cowsharers meet

Michael Schmidt is now in B.C. after his news conference in Alberta:

Michael Schmidt met one of his former cowshare members from Ontario, Gina, who is now a cowshare member in Chilliwack. It's a small raw milk world out there. Thanks to Michael for the pictures.

Cow share meeting in Vancouver. Introducing the Cow Share Canada concept to bring standards education and accreditation to the cow share concept.


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3 responses to “Vancouver raw milk cowsharers meet

  1. I heard you will be in Chilliwack this week. Are you having any open meetings. I would like to come down from Kamloops. Please email me with the information.

  2. Very cool. This is the first I’ve heard of cowshare. Not that I’m in the industry, but I am a mindful consumer. A friend of mine did a shoot for the Globe and Mail about some farmers in Chilliwack.

  3. thebovine

    Hey Bob, nice pictures. Thanks for the link!

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