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The Myth of the Green Revolution

From Russ’ post on “The Corporatism of Food and the Sustainable Solution” on his “Volatility” blog:

The so-called Green Revolution was one of the great myths of our time. The Big Lie is that there was great famine around the world, caused, as Malthus would say, by the depraved profligacy of the poor. According to this lie the Green Revolution, i.e. monocropping with massive fossil fuel and chemical poison inputs, all of it under the auspices of multinational corporations, brought food to these benighted, helpless masses.

The truth is that for thousands of years the growers of the world always produced enough food for themselves and their communities. This has remained true in modern times. Natural famines are practically unrecorded in history. On the contrary, almost all mass famines have occurred in modern times, and they have all been the purely artificial result of food being stolen by non-productive classes from the productive class, under those same corporate and globalized-government distribution structures which the GR now claimed would save its own victims. But the GR was really intended to further impress this corporate global control upon them. It was really a vast example of disaster capitalism. Continue reading

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FTCLDF takes on Morningside Cheese case over FDA demands for destruction

David E. Gumpert’s latest, from The Complete Patient blog:

“The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund has filed a brief in a Missouri court challenging the state’s efforts to confiscate and destroy Morningland Dairy’s $250,000 worth of inventory.

The FTCLDF’s “motion for a more definite statement” from the Missouri Milk Board is at first glance a procedural response to the state agency’s filing late last month seeking a temporary injunction to force the destruction of Morningland’s cheese. It asks a judge to compel the state to be specific about when Morningland supposedly tried to sell tainted cheese, and to explain the exact timing and process whereby the company’s cheese is to be destroyed.

But the opening couple sentences of the FTCLDF brief indicate the case is about much more. “This case is about cheese,” begins the motion. “Plaintiff believes that Defendant’s cheese is not worthy of human consumption yet Defendant believes its cheese is one of the finest artisanal cheeses on the planet and that it is worthy of human consumption.” Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt wants to meet with dairy farmers in Saskatchewan who are at all interested in raw milk (early Dec.)

From a post on the Cool Springs Ranch blog by Janeen Covlin:

“Michael Schmidt wants to meet with Saskatchewan raw dairy fans and farmers on either  December 5 or 6 (after the National Farmers Union Convention that he’s speaking at). The exact date and place isn’t decided yet  but keep this in mind.  We want to reach ALL who have even a remote interest in Raw milk (to drink or produce) So those of you have other “sources”, please let them know, so they can let others know

I’m very excited about the vision he has for Canada and raw milk – although he won in Ontario, the other provinces are doing their best to not let that be the precident for the rest of Canada.  Michael is leading the movement to make Cow Shares legal on a Canada-wide basis.  He says this won’t be won by farmers, it’ll be won by consumers uniting to demand it!  When this battle is won, I can guarentee there will be all kinds of small, grassed-based dairies spring up to meet the demand!  Continue reading


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