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Is raw milk cheese the next point of attack in the war against raw milk?

From a recent story on SlashFood blog by Max Shrem titled “Are raw milk cheeses safe?“:

Photo: kaight_ashbury, Flickr. Click image to go to Flickr page. Photo via Slash Food.com

“Are raw-milk cheeses healthful? Recent findings of Listeria monocytogenes, the bacteria that causes Listeria, in cheeses from Montesano, Washington’s Estrella Family Creamery in Missouri’s Morningland Dairy unequivocally suggest the contrary. Both dairies, which were inspected by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) officials within the past few months, are going to have a particularly hard time defending their raw-milk cheeses, especially since it’s just the latest raw-milk scare. Just last week, health officials found 25 E. coli O157:H7 infections linked to Bravo Farms’ raw-milk Gouda being sold at Costco stores in Colorado. Continue reading

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Edmonton farmers scramble to upgrade their raw milk dairy to meet Cow Share Canada standards of operation

From a story in yesterday’s Edmonton Journal by Brent Wittmeier:

Judith Johnson and Henry Pudlow protest the closure of their cow share operation at the Alberta Legislature on Nov. 8, 2010. Photograph by: Karen Kleiss, edmontonjournal.com

“EDMONTON — Edmonton-area farmers are scrambling to restructure an unpasteurized dairy business after a prominent raw milk advocate withdrew support this week.

On Monday, Ontarian farmer and raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt was in front of Alberta legislature, championing unpasteurized milk — which is currently illegal in Canada — as safe and healthier than pasteurized milk products sold in grocery stores. Continue reading


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Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt speaks at Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Philadelphia

This just in from Ontario raw milk activist and dairyman Michael Schmidt:

I am now in Philadelphia giving the following lecture at the big Wise Traditions annual conference (of the Weston A. Price Foundation):

The urgency of consolidating the Food Rights Movement

As Corporate controlled agriculture drives society towards the brink of self destruction. A new awarness is growing amongst many in search of true nutrition.

The need to join forces and to built bridges amongst many will create a new balance in the current struggle against the looming destruction of the human being. Continue reading

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