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“Canada has a small underground [raw milk] dairy insurgency on it’s hands…” — the Globe and Mail

From a story in Friday’s Globe and Mail by Josh Wingrove titled “Dairy Desperado goes west on a raw milk mission“:

Alice Jongerden and Michael Schmidt on a cowshare farm in Chilliwack British Columbia. Photo via Globe and Mail.com website

“There are two things you need to know about renegade farmer Michael Schmidt. The first is that he’s Canada’s foremost champion for “raw milk” and is no fan of pasteurization. Raw milk is better for you, he says – an assertion rejected by just about every health agency in the country.

The second thing is he’s on a hot streak. Since he won an Ontario court ruling upholding his right to distribute raw milk in a so-called “cow share,” he’s taken up the causes of similar operations across the country. Framing it as a battle over consumers’ right to choose (some people with digestive problems prefer unpasteurized, or raw, milk), he’s gleefully stepping in to save raw-milk producers from prosecution. Continue reading


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