More on how to take action on Senate Bill S-510’s threat to human health

These is from Russ, on his “Volatility” blog:

“The Senate’s Food Tyranny bill, S.510, which I wrote about recently in a two-part post (part 1 and part 2), and in several earlier posts, is slated to get a cloture vote this week. (Any remotely decent piece of legislation, these vile Democrats can’t do it. But for this, Reid will rouse himself to seek cloture.

While I don’t normally have any confidence in the sign a petition/ call your senator thing, the fact is that this isn’t the banks we’re dealing with, and public pressure could possibly make a difference.

So here’s the Farm-to-Consumer petition page, and here’s the Congressional site. For the rest, I’ll excerpt from the Food Freedom alert:


1. Call both of your Senators and ask them to oppose S.510.

Go to and type in your zip code in the box in the upper right hand corner.

Click on your Senator’s name, and then on the contact tab for their phone number.

You can also call the Capitol Switchboard and ask to be directly connected to your Senator’s office: 202-224-3121.

Once connected, ask to speak to the legislative staff person responsible for agriculture. If they are unavailable leave a voicemail message. Be sure to include your name and phone number.

2. Send a live email message to your Senators through the online petition to

Be sure to follow up with phone calls.


1. FDA has more than adequate powers under existing law to ensure food safety and effectively deal with foodborne illness outbreaks. FDA has power to inspect, power to detain product and can readily obtain court orders to seize adulterated or misbranded food products or enjoin them from being sold. The problem isn’t that FDA needs more power; it’s that FDA does not effectively use the power it currently has.

2. S.510 will give FDA extensive power to regulate food in intrastate commerce; state and local governments are more than capable of handling any problems related to food in intrastate commerce. All the major outbreaks of foodborne illness involve either imported food or food in interstate commerce.

3. S.510 will hurt our ability as a nation to be self-sufficient in food production; it has more lenient inspection requirements for foreign than domestic producers creating an unfair advantage for food imports. Giving an advantage to foreign producers will only increase the amount of food imported into this country that does not meet our domestic standards. The bill does not address food security–the ability of a country to produce enough food to meet its own needs.

4. S.510 will provide a competitive advantage to industrial food producers–the sector of the food system causing most of the food safety problems; they will benefit from this legislation because it will cripple many small farmers and local producers–the solution to the food safety problems in this country. The bill will impose burdensome regulations that will punish local food producers, many of whom won’t have the economies of scale to comply with S.510′s requirements.

5. S.510 gives FDA the power to dictate growers’ practices by establishing national standards for produce; the same standards applying to big firms-where the food safety problems have occurred-will apply as well to small growers who have had no food safety issues. Small growers will be forced to change practices that have produced safe, quality food.

6. S.510 does nothing to address many significant food safety problems in this country, such as those resulting from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and various contaminants (e.g., BPA, pesticides, herbicides, etc.).

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One response to “More on how to take action on Senate Bill S-510’s threat to human health

  1. Liberty Task Force

    This “act” is nothing more than a disguised terrorist act designed to exert further control on each and every person in the U.S.. Remember, we all are free!

    The Declaration of Independence states that we all have the natural right of Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness.

    These rights may in no way be regulated by anyone or any government or any constitution or piece of legislation

    Liberty means being able to do what one wants at whatever time one wants in whatever manner one chooses so long as you do not infringe on another’s liberty!

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