Raw milk thoughts on Kat’s Food Blog

As far as I know, Kat is just another blogger sharing her perspectives on food and the culture that surrounds it. Here’s a bit of what she says about raw milk in a recent post:

Media mashup of pictures and titles from Kat's blog. And yes, that's Kat on the left.

“I don’t drink raw milk. I used to think all those raw milk people were crazy. This past spring I started getting raw milk locally, just to try it out. Now I use raw milk for making my yogurt and I can’t go back! If someone took away my raw milk, I would be the one going crazy!

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m so used to cooking everything from scratch, I want the raw ingredients to make my food with. Yogurt from store-bought pasteurized milk is just not the same. It’s amazing how much more cream you get separated in fresh raw milk as opposed to store-bought pasteurized “whole milk”. Even if you can find unhomogenized, organic, pastured milk at the store, I guarantee you it will not give the same results as raw milk.

I’m not even making raw yogurt, but instead pasteurizing the milk myself by gently heating it on the stove and then making yogurt from it. The fact that this produces a different product than what I can get in the store is proof enough to me that the industrial pasteurization process is altering our milk in an undesirable way. And I have access to good quality pasteurized milk from cows grazing on pasture, not given antibiotics or hormones, fresh from farms in Ontario. Now that I have raw milk, that pasteurized milk is just not going to cut it.


I have to think, what would people do if all eggs had to be sold already cooked? Since there’s a salmonella risk, we shouldn’t allow people to buy them raw right? We all know that most people cook their eggs and handle them properly. But, some people do eat raw eggs. Why don’t we pasteurize all eggs just so those people don’t accidentally get sick? That’s the current stance regarding milk. Since the general public can’t be trusted with raw milk, let’s not allow it.

Oh, wait, we’re already pasteurizing eggs… We’ve already pasteurized almonds too. What’s next, spinach? Yes, even vegans (including raw vegans) need to pay attention to what is happening with raw milk. Because when they’re done with raw milk, they’ll move on to eggs. And when they’re done with eggs, they’ll move on to vegetables, which have been implicated in far more cases of food borne illness than milk.

Raw Milk Issue

In my hometown I can only get raw milk if I sign up for a cow-share. I pay up front for a share of the cow, and then I pay a fee per liter to cover handling and distribution costs. Raw milk is not sold in stores here and I’m ok with that. Now, for cheeses that are ripened at least 21 days it is legal to sell them in stores. Proper cheese-making practices ensure the safety of those raw products….”

Read it all on Kat’s Food Blog.

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