It was four years ago today that Ministry of Natural Resources officers raided Glencolton Farms over raw milk

Michael Schmidt has chosen these pictures to represent this decisive event in the history of raw milk in Ontario:

First block all traffic in or out of the farm

Then show the guns

Secure all the buildings

Control the porch.

Bio-security haz-mat suited agents collect "evidence".

Search the whole house.

Chief of investigation Roger Dunlop

Interrogator Dan Herries

Related events that took place off the farm:

Police standoff at the Waldorf school parking lot

Mr. Fortune (York Region Public Health officer) and Police

Police and Judy Hope (York Region Public Health)

Negotiations with Beverley Viljakainen

Even with police no success entering the blue bus

Sally Fallon Morrell with her husband arrive later that evening

Mr. Campbell and Fortune returning documents taken in the raid, in Tim Hortons (much later)

After 29 days Michael Schmidt ends the hunger strike he started immediately following the raid.

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