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The latest on “Food Safety” Bill S-510

David E. Gumpert, of the Complete Patient blog, recently posted this followup on the progress of Bill S-510 towards becoming law:

Picture via Bill Marler's blog.

I swear, you have to be a parliamentary expert to figure out what’s happening with the so-called food safety legislation, S 510. But in a nutshell, it’s very close to passage in the U.S. Senate. When that happens, the Senate version will go to the House, which previously passed a similar version, and then to President Obama, who has committed himself to signing whatever Congress passes on food safety. The pressure is on to pass this thing now, in a lame-duck session with holdovers already voted out of office, since the new Congress may well be less inclined to sanction the kind of broad clampdown on rights this legislation includes, not to mention the budgetary strains of hiring a new army of food inspectors. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt to talk raw milk in Regina, Sask. Dec. 5th — be there!

Coming soon, early next month, Michael Schmidt once again heads west to meet with farmers and concerned citizens over an unlikely issue which has galvanized a wide swath of the electorate over the last few years.

Poster for the Regina raw milk event -- perhaps the first one ever!

But perhaps it’s not so much raw milk itself that has gotten people so up in arms, but rather the government’s way of dealing with it. Certainly there will be lots to talk about at the Regina meeting.

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt and home butcher Mark Tijssen in Ottawa

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt reports from Ottawa:

Mark Tijssen with Michael Schmidt in front of the Supreme Court building in Ottawa recently

A pig died for a worthwhile cause

It was not clear at the time of the pigs death what impact it would have at the political arena in Ottawa. Continue reading


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