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CBC News on Mark Tijssen asking for a judge instead of a justice of the peace, so he can cite Charter in pig sharing case

CBC News covers the Mark Tijssen case in a story titled “Pig slaughter case sees Ottawa man cite charter”:

Mark Tijssen, the man at the centre of the controversy, outside his Ottawa-area home. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt

An Ottawa man who faces charges after slaughtering a pig and sharing the meat with a friend wants an Ontario court judge to hear his case so he can mount a defence based on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Mark Tijssen was charged under the Ontario Food Safety and Quality Act last November after a friend left his home in the eastern Ottawa community of Carlsbad Springs with 40 pounds of pork from a pig they had slaughtered. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt, media, landowners at Mark Tijssen’s trial in Ottawa Tuesday for slaughtering and sharing a pig

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt reports from the Mark Tijssen trial in Ottawa yesterday:

The case attracts media interest. Mark Tijssen, flanked by Michael Schmidt, talks to television reporters

Why are those who claim to protect the public such cowards? Continue reading


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Bill C-36 being voted on today; act now to express your views to your unelected Senate “representatives” in Ottawa

The following list of Senators’ contact information was being circulated yesterday on the Blue Bus (of Glencolton Farms). Word is that C-36 will permit health authorities to dispense with the annoyance of search warrants and such while on a mission to crack down on small producers of embarrassingly healthy foods. Embarrassing that is, for the shadowy forces that want to dumb us down with GMOs and other pseudo-foods.

So hopefully it will not be too late to prevent C-36 being enacted into law in Canada. Previous versions of this law (C51, C52 and C6) have generated storms of citizen protest. One has to wonder what it takes to get through to these people who are supposed to be looking out for the interests of Canadians, rather than the interests of would-be global elites. Continue reading

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