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David Gumpert on preparing to deal with the fallout from Senate bill S-510

From David’s The Complete Patient blog:

“The U.S. Senate passed S510 by a large majority, including the provisions of the Tester-Hagan amendment exempting small food producers. It’s looking ever more likely that the U.S. House will approve the Senate’s version and, presto, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will have powers approximating those of the airport screeners (part of Homeland Security), which is absolute power, as anyone who travels well knows (and in point of fact, the legislation requires FDA to work together with the Department of Homeland Security in implementation). Continue reading


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Senate “food safety” bill S-510 passed

From the story on Natural News.com:

Picture: Natural News.com

“(NaturalNews) Senate Bill S 510 – the “Food Safety Modernization Act” – was passed by the U.S. Senate today (http://www.naturalnews.com/030576_F…). If signed into law, it would unleash a new era of FDA tyranny over farmers, food producers and even small family farms, many of which already exceed the “small farms exclusion” written into the bill…”

“….Notably, there was not a single Democrat who opposed the bill. This bill was also supported by Food, Inc. authors Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, who have become the favored food commentators of the left. It’s now clear why: In supporting this bill, they have aligned themselves against Constitutional freedoms and in favor of increased Big Government (FDA) authority over food, seeds and farmers. Continue reading


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Markham high schoolers milk cows by hand at Michael Schmidt’s dairy farm

About 100 Markham high school students were able to have the experience of milking a cow by hand recently at Glencolton Farms near Durham Ontario.

Michael Schmidt's children watch expectantly as 100 high schoolers descend from their motherships.

Glencolton Farms is run by Michael Schmidt who has long been a staunch advocate of raw milk and people’s right to make their own food choices. Continue reading

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World of Warcraft bloggers take note of new challenges to food rights in the U.S.

From a recent post on wowgoldblogger.org:


We’ve seen this story before. But what’s notable is that it’s being posted on a type of blog that otherwise isn’t about food or food rights issues, or even politics. Continue reading

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