Decision rendered in Alice Jongerden contempt of court case in Vancouver

Reasons for Judgement in the case

Alice Jongerden, former agister for Home on the Range (now Our Cows).

From a letter to Alice Jongerden from her lawyer:


Attached is the decision of Mr. Justice Smith.  He found you in contempt but decided not to impose a penalty.  In my view, this counts as a partial victory.

You should note in paragraph 13 that Mr. Justice Smith makes special note that no challenge to the validity of the legislation is before him or was before Madam Justice Gropper.  I would suggest that we bring such a challenge.

As for costs, Mr. Justice Smith is silent on that issue.  The normal rule is that costs follow the result, but no special or solicitor-client costs were ordered as is typical in contempt cases – so again, this is a partial victory.

Best regards,

Jason Gratl

Click here to read the reasons for judgement (47K pdf file)

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5 responses to “Decision rendered in Alice Jongerden contempt of court case in Vancouver

  1. Walter's Dad

    “I am confident we shall see raw milk for sale in BC, before the end of 2010, legally.” ~Gordon S Watson

    Tick tock, tick tock…

  2. Walt = or is it Gordo W? = you remind me of King David, retreating from Jerusalem when his son usurped the throne. After Simie mocked David , one of David’s bodyguards was about to take off the mocker’s head. David restrained him. Note that the very last thing David did, was get even. If my timing is off … so what. The Campaign for REAL MILK is an idea whose time has come … we have already succeeded by convincing public opinion.
    To everything there is a season : Buckminster Fuller taught me that political movements tack back and forth as they head towards the ultimate goal. I have to wonder what the payoff is for idiots who fold-in negativity on this website. They show nothing better than how ignorant they are of history, let alone how ill-informed they are on the issue of the importance of the nation obtaining REAL MILK
    30 years in Her Majesty’s Courts in BC has educated me that what’s carved in stone by judges, often bears little relation to reality.
    Having defended myself through 6 contempt of Court charges, I do know a little bit about how it’s supposed to go – contrasted with the farce this one was. I shall take this decision apart, line by line, when I have a moment to spare from convening the new cowshare
    meanwhile : the REAL MILK is flowing in BC today, Praise God!

    • nedlud


      Patience is not the only virtue. ‘Optimism’ is not the only light.
      Running out of patience and running out of optimism signify important other things: realities. A lot of people are running out, their health is going, hopes fading away, dreams lost (stolen, actually). That is not rheir fault!

      I rather liked Walter’s Dad’s comment.

      That is not to say, you or Michael Schmidt are not doing good things. It is to say that people are running out.

      Tick, tock, tick tock….

      Some people like war (war in the courts, for example), others do not.


      p.s. That Alice Jongerden in her barn sure looks like a criminal to me. I think I see some dirt and some more ‘violations’ back there.

  3. Walter's Dad

    No Gordon, I’m just encouraging you to get on with it.
    Last I read, the appeal you mentioned in Dec 2008 to challenge the original order ( had not been pursued? You talked a lot about it over the past couple of years, but no results. If one talks the talk, they should be able to walk the walk.

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