Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt is the interviewee and guest on the CBC Radio Saskatoon’s “Blue-Sky” call in program

From Michael Schmidt via Facebook:

Raw milk pioneer Michael Schmidt in the Saskatoon studio of CBC radio Canada

The program host at CBC radio in Saskatoon. Photos via Michael Schmidt



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6 responses to “Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt is the interviewee and guest on the CBC Radio Saskatoon’s “Blue-Sky” call in program

  1. any details of where this program may be archived?

  2. thebovine

    Don’t know any more about this. If you find out, post it in a comment here please. Thanks Gordon!

  3. thebovine

    Further details from Michael:

    Blue Sky radio host at CBC studio in Saskatoon.
    All callers in favor of the right to choose raw milk
    Even the host was surprised

  4. Douglas MacLean

    When and if it shows up, it will be here: http://www.cbc.ca/bluesky/

  5. I’m glad that CBC Saskatchewan gave air time to this issue! It was great to hear from older residents of Saskatchewan who grew up on fresh, real milk.
    I was surprised not to hear dissent from those who called in, but then again I suppose the program could have been a bit longer to allow more voices to be heard.
    I’m one of the organizers for Michael Schmidt’s presentation in Regina tomorrow, and my phone number’s been listed as the contact number, and because of this, I’ve received a few phonecalls from rural Saskatchewan residents who heard about the presentation, who can’t make it for the talk, but they just wanted to say that they support what we’re doing. It’s really heartening for me to speak with these people. They see the supermarket dairy products that their grandchildren and great grandchildren are being raised on, and they know that it’s denatured food, but they’re not sure what the alternatives are. It is my wish that farmers in the province who want to run small raw dairy operations can financially support themselves doing so, and that all the people who want access to fresh, healthy, local milk, cheese, butter can find it near their communities.

  6. Michael

    CBC was remarkable supportive and open. A few hours after the radio interview CBC television showed another story on CBC news Saskatchewan.
    There was and is a real raw milk buzz in town

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