The Calgary [raw] goat milk seizure

From Cody, Tanya and Abigail Dahl, in the December update from “Journey of Health” email newsletter:

Header of the email newsletter from "Journey of Health" in Calgary

“I have a lot to say and a lot has happened this month. Most of you know that Alberta Health Services came into our store and seized Abigail’s raw milk. Cody was charged with assault charges for chasing after the health inspector in the parking lot trying to take back Abigail’s life force nutrient dense raw goat milk.

Here is a direct email from the health inspector: The fact this product is being stored, displayed, and dispensed in your facility is more than enough reason for Alberta Health Services to take an interest in it.  As a permitted food establishment, you may not store, display or provide any food that is not from an approved source, or food that is unfit for human consumption in your facility.  The unlabeled and, presumably, unpasteurized milk is most likely not an approved product nor from an approved source.  You may not continue to store or distribute this product from your facility unless you can provide evidence that this product is from an approved source and safe for public distribution.

Here I have Alberta Health Services telling me that I can not store my own lunch in my cooler at my business that I own unless they approve it. This is absolute [in]sanity! They deem raw milk unfit for human consumption yet it is completely legal to buy toxic cigarettes and alcohol that causes more deaths and burden our Health Care System. All the while we have organizations like Plan Canada urging Canadians to buy a goat to feed some poor family in Uganda.

Here is a message to Alberta Health Services: Pasteurization and irradiation don’t exist to keep the population healthy or “safe.” They are utilized to cover up the sins of these industries while allowing them to continue their unhealthy practices because it is cheaper and easier to do so. And organic standards continue to be lowered in order to level the playing field and enable factory farmers to claim that their feedlot meat is “organic” so that they, too, can justify higher prices for their inferior products. The animals stuck in this system live sick, miserable, short lives. A healthy, pastured cow can live upwards of 15 years, but cows in the feedlot don’t usually survive past 4.

The sad part is while I was talking to the Supervisor of the “Food Team” she says they don’t cook the milk they only pasteurize the milk to kill all the bacteria. I had to correct her and tell her pasteurization is cooking and what they sell in the grocery store and yes, PO and CNF all carry it is dirty milk. Here is a fact, grain products are toxic to cows and goats and when you feed a cow grains it creates e coli in their gut. So now you have a sick cow getting addictive to grains, just like us humans, then they poo these grains out onto the grass and it is a vicious cycle toxic waste pool from their gut to the ground round and round. Even organics are not that great because of the “organic” grain manure they use which is depleting our earth. I can go on and on on the negative effects of grains, but I will save that for another newsletter. I can’t believe my hard earn tax dollars pay for such ignorance! Click here for details: Goat Milk Seizure…”

The Journey of Health store website

The December Update online newsletter from Journey of Health in which the above story appears.


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6 responses to “The Calgary [raw] goat milk seizure

  1. Bill C-36 hasn’t yet been given ‘Royal Assent’, and already its worst provisions are being acted out.
    Just a mere co-incidence that the name “Dahl” comes into this ? I think not. About a year ago, Eldon Dahl and his family were taken hostage AT GUNPOINT in his own home, by a little feminist thug wearing the uniform of the RCMP. His house was ransacked all day by CFIA idiots … for what? For evidence that he was dispensing un-approved substances, such as vitamins. His real crime? Advising people how to heal themselves, outside the monopoly operated by the Cult of the White Robe

    Wilhelm Reich lived suffered this same kind of horror-story in the early 50s, dying in prison after being convicted of contempt of Court. He summed up the perpetual struggle as ; ‘life against death’.

    • nedlud

      Glad you mentioned Wilhelm Reich.

      Lest people fail to realize this type of thing has been going on for a long time.

      And only getting worse.

      The real problem is these ‘experts’ fully believe in themselves, they believe completely in their ‘logic’, and they think they are doing right. Their science has become their religion; and their religion, their science. They are utterly fanatical, and as the article mentioned….INSANE.

  2. Kurtis

    And of course the milk will come back well over the allowable standards considering it is at least 12 days since bottling. Not removed and put in a cooler by the health inspectors, stored god knows how etc….

    Anyone care to test milk out of any bulk tank after 12 days, that has sat in the back seat of a car for hours?

  3. Anna

    I find this whole thing quite ridiculous as I was at the store 2 days before and commented on the raw goats milk and was told it was for sale. To me that is different than it is for personal use. As for the “life force nutrient” give me a break. I admire citizens who stand up for their beliefs but the radical dramatic aspect you present serves and benefits no one. When I listen to the store owners talk it becomes clear very early on, in conversation that you seem to like to blame everyone else for your troubles but yourselves. This is actually a good strategy on your part as creating chaos around you keeps people from looking at what is really going on. By blaming everyone else for everything it also gives you an excuse to not look at yourselves. You would find working with will get you further than working against.

    • Anna- No one is blaming anyone here. I do not believe anyone at our health food store offered you raw milk for sale. We may have offered you information to obtain it yourself directly from the farm. What we are trying to get out to people is that this is the beginning stages of AHS taking control of our food supply. There is so much more to this story then we have the energy to put out. Please read testimonies on our website. My daughter was very sick on formula and not gaining weight when she was born. I had AHS harassing me and threatening me because my daughter was jaundice and not gaining weight. She began to thrive on the raw goat milk which is all documented in the doctors note which they recognize but do not approve of. All of this has made me realize that I need to leave the system in order to have my freedoms, so I feel blessed that this all has happened to me as it has opened my eyes to what really is going on and what I need to do to be in control of my life and liberties. I was not created to be regulated and I don’t believe you were either and that is the information we are putting out.

  4. Miriam

    I would love to know about raw milk in Calgary–is there a farm that you know of that I could visit?

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