Michael Schmidt WILL be allowed to introduce new evidence to counter the Province’s appeal of his acquittal

Michael Schmidt sends his thoughts on recent raw milk developments:

The Hartmann ruling in the US makes it once again very clear that we all will suffer if we cannot counter vicious Government attacks with due diligence.

Our standing in court becomes a farce under the current climate of anti germ fanatics. As much as I can see the point of liberty versus regulations, we are not living in a vacuum independent from the rest of the world. Our standing in court will always be judged by our concerns, our diligence, our openness and our willingness to co-operate IF the other side is willing to work with us.

I have no patience for any Government harassment as it happened in Alberta with Judith and Eric. I even question the majority of claims made by local Health Units when raw milk is implicated. I even go so far that I suspect foul play in many cases because Government needs smoking guns to proof their point.

Let’s assume that in the Hartmann case somebody was interested to intentionally taint the milk with E coli.

The courts do not care if you cannot provide a record of due diligence.

If for whatever reason your operation looks not very appealing you will have no chance of convincing a judge to rule in your favor. Judges do not rule on liberty if we talking raw milk.

On a more positive note here in Ontario the Governments appeal hit a little roadblock.

The judge ruled in our favor that Weinberg we in fact can expand our Constitutional argument and that we can introduce additional witnesses. That was denied two years ago but was granted by a ruling last week.

This does not mean we won the appeal.

It simply highlights the good work done by Karen Selick who argued on our behalf. It also shows once again that this judge is taking this appeal not lightly.

Moooooving forward….


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7 responses to “Michael Schmidt WILL be allowed to introduce new evidence to counter the Province’s appeal of his acquittal

  1. Sib

    Finally, some good news to bring 2010 to a close. And congratulations to you and to Karen Selick for the logical Constitution-related arguments she put forth for us to have the right to consume raw milk. The question always comes back to “do we or do we not have the freedom to choose what foods we consume?” Real, whole food is a human right, is it not? I guess we’ll find out at the real appeal on Feb. 8. Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas and a happy and (hopefully) healthier New Year.

  2. Karen Selick

    There’s some kind of typographical or transcription error in this. What is Weinberg fact? (4th last paragraph). I think that should say “we in fact…”

    And Selick has only one L.

  3. Michael

    Yes yes Karen the Bovine does not seem to have a spell check, your textual analysis was right. I even had to think twice what I meant.
    Great to have you on out team Karen.

  4. thebovine

    Thanks for the proofreading, Karen. Some corrections have now been made.

  5. Beverley Viljakainen

    For me, the question is, Do we have the freedom to take full responsibility for our own health and that of our families, which means making informed decisions and being able to act on them. If not, we are mere puppets in the hands of the uninformed and the otherwise intended, to put it charitably, given the season. Great work, Michael, Karen and the multitude of people who are putting their minds and hearts to the wheel here!

  6. cheryl hadden

    Maybe this is the kind of lawsuit that gets settled very quietly, little by little
    Or maybe they are dragging it out to see what the USA is about to do?

    Switching subjects:
    Anybody heard of this company or its products?

    UV Ultraviolet Calf Milk Purifier
    Now you can use ultraviolet technology to effectively treat waste milk for calf feeding. Since the UV Pure system does not use tradtional heat pasteurization, producers have been able to cut energy bills while effectively killing bacteria. What’s more, UV Pure reduces treatment time by up to 60% vs. pasteurizing systems.
    * Revolutionary technology utilizes UV light to purify calf milk.
    * Kills bacteria will retaining important nutrients.
    * Fully automated and easy to use.

    I got a question for the dairy farmers: What methods are acceptable to the state for pasteurizing? Do they dictate what can be done?
    I do know that there will be less of a problem if we do pasteurizing.
    Trust me, it’s not what I want to do it, but if it will get more milk to more people without fighting a war, then fine. I was sent some info from a sales rep about this Ultraviolet Pasteurizer set up.
    Has anybody heard of this thing, used this thing or think it might be the compromise to stop the harassment of raw milk?
    It claims to not use heat and be quicker than conventional methods.
    Could this possibly meet state and federal standards?

    • Bernie Bailey

      Ultraviolet has been around awhile but not used in Canada and I do not know about the rest of the world. You would have a fight as big as Michael and I know as the government would not even let me keep a htst plant going and every one uses that. I suggest that you simply vat pasteurize ,easy slow but it leaves the milk as close to real as you will ever get and equipment is available. Get the licenses for pasteurizing and delivery first or you will spend all that money and they will treat you like Michael


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