Raw milk standards hard to establish?

David E. Gumpert talks about raw milk standards in his latest post on The Complete Patient:

“…But connive to establish a set of standards for raw milk producers? I don’t think so. That’s why I had to chuckle at some of the comments by Barney Google and lola granola.

I appreciate their sincerity in arguing that this is such a touchy issue it requires secret planning–I just wish I had the conspiratorial power ascribed to me (and others) and, more important, that something significant was being accomplished.

As Mark McAfee correctly points out, nothing formal is anywhere near being accomplished on the standards-setting side. Just a bunch of informal emails with ideas and discussion. A lot of sincere people without much power, trying things out.

I wish things were further along, but developing serious standards and figuring out how to implement them–for example, whether they should be voluntary or part of some organizational agenda–is a big project….”

Read the rest, including his concerns about illness among raw milk  drinkers.


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4 responses to “Raw milk standards hard to establish?

  1. thebovine

    Standards, of course, is what Cow Share Canada is all about.

    Judge Kowalski’s acquittal of Michael Schmidt was premised on the standards he was operating on. It doesn’t take too much deliberation to think that it could be a good idea to apply those standards to other farms.

    But perhaps that argument seems more substantive within Canada, than down in the United States.

  2. Noriko

    Yes, I agree to the Bovine – we need a standard for the consumer safety at the present and for the legalization in future. At least some open discussion about it, which include comparison of the standards in EU, NZ, etc…

  3. Such standards are fait accomplis … the work has already been done by people in Washington State, Colorado, and Organic Pastures in California.
    With the stroke of a pen, the Lieutenant Governor of each Province can appropriate them ‘by reference’ into the relevant Act. By sundown that same day, REAL MILK would be legitimized and everyone will be happy
    I have it on good information that this very thing is in the works in one of the western provinces … so raw milk can ‘come in out of the cold’ while the bureaucracy saves face.
    In BC., Alice Jongerden’s lawyer has arranged with Dr Buckingham, Dean of the School of Public Health in Saskatchewan, and also Ted Beals, that they will either put in affidavits or take the witness stand as experts, in the next stage of her legal saga. As heavyweights like this get to be heard in the corridors of power, it’s only a matter of time ’til the govt.s admit that raw milk dairying can be done safely, then accomodate us

  4. Michael

    yes we have many examples of standards. It again comes down to the question if those who are involved currently in the raw milk movement willing to go that route.
    The point of the article is that unless we are willing as a raw milk movement to committ ourselves to standards we ain’t getting anywhere.
    We are as bad as the US in respect to agreeing to go towards a united movement and have guidelines approved amongst us.
    As soon somebody comes up with some kind of standards everybody cries bloody murder because one is now perceived as another contolfreak or money grab, or dictator.
    We know it is easy to have guidelines but the current chaos in the Canadian Raw milk underground is benefitting the regulators in the long run.
    Heavy weights and experts means nothing to the Government.
    Logic is not on their vocabulary.
    Raw milk is not the issue.
    Arguing with people who want to find a solution is different than arguing with people who do not want a solution.

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