Michael Schmidt’s new letter to officials responsible for our Ontario government

Open Letter
Dear Honorable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario
Dear Honorable Carol Mitchell, Minister of Agriculture in Ontario
Dear Honorable Deb Mathews, Minister of Health in Ontario
Dear Honorable Leader of the PC in Ontario, Tim Hudak
Dear Honorable Leader of the NDP in Ontario Andrea Horvath
Dear Hazel Lynn, Chief Medical Officer in Bruce Grey Owen Sound
Dear Members of the Board of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario
Dear Anti-Raw-Milk Legal Team led by Allan Ryan
If, for whatever reason, I have forgotten someone important in this long list of participants, do not feel offended; just feel free to include yourself and to help resolve our 17 year old dilemma.

I do kindly expect some kind of response from all of you because we together need to find a different way to resolve our differences in respect to the ongoing Raw Milk Debate.

From a historical perspective, I would like to point out that it seems that I am the only participant left from our circle of friends who have been part of this Raw Milk Debate from the beginning.

I have written countless letters in good faith to you and all your predecessors with my repeated offers to constructively resolve our differences.

I have sent you legislative examples from other countries around the world, where raw milk is available, successfully, for those who choose to drink it.

I repeatedly expressed my willingness to work together in partnership with you to address your valid safety concerns.

As much as there is the desire to paint me as a villain, my archives and I am sure your archives too contain documents of my repeated attempts to peacefully work together in a very constructive way.

Why, you might ask?

The people of your Province want to have the right to make a decision in relation to their health. These people are all well educated and come from all walks of life. They are especially coming from those groups you have identified as potential risk groups: the young, the elderly, the sick, the immune compromised, and pregnant women. Many of them have experienced positive changes after switching to raw milk.

I know you try to dispute this as anecdotal non-scientific evidence.  As elected officials and public servants, it would be due diligence to begin to respect these experiences and to accommodate the very valid concerns after so many years.

My continued efforts to accommodate your concerns have so far resulted in nothing more than feigning ignorance, outright denial and an ongoing refusal to meet, to sit down and negotiate a compromise.

I would like to point out that, as long ago as 1994, I was prepared to sit down with all of you to find a solution because I knew that consumer concerns would only intensify. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the important relationship between their food and their health, and their concerns with the food you are promoting and endorsing are rising exponentially.

The demand for real food is growing. The demand for the protection of our fundamental rights is growing. The demand for accountability is growing, especially as the province continues to waste millions of dollars on a court battle the majority of people reject.

I have stated publicly that I will stand strong, that I will stand steady, that I will keep fighting for our fundamental right to choose the food we know is healthy and healing for us.

In the court battle between us that began almost two years ago, a trained Justice of the Peace presided over these proceedings and ruled in our favor. He protected the existing laws and graciously accepted our argument that we should have the right to opt out of the “protection of Government” if we make a conscious and educated decision to do so.

Please remember that we asked for a trained judge because of the complexity of this case. You opposed our request on the grounds that a Justice of the Peace is perfectly capable of dealing with regulatory law, and so it was.

With great sadness, I now see how you ridicule and make a mockery of the judge’s ruling, and how you deem a court ruling, if not in your favor, to be no ruling at all.

WE are now entering the 18th year of fighting for this fundamental right to choose.

I have not seen one attempt on your side to take us seriously or to take the courts seriously.

I truly hope that your intention is not to try to kill us with never-ending threats and continued court proceedings. I truly hope that at least one individual has the courage and dignity to begin to take us seriously.

I am not going away soon. The issue will not go away soon either.

Let’s join and walk together in the new year with the intention to resolve our differences.

With utmost respect for each other we can demonstrate how, in the interest of all, we can tolerate and accept each other’s concerns.

We can and must demonstrate to our children that we have ALL taken our responsibility very seriously and are resolving our differences with grace and respect.

Awaiting your kind response,

Truly Yours

Michael Schmidt



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3 responses to “Michael Schmidt’s new letter to officials responsible for our Ontario government

  1. Janeen

    Excellent!!! Makes me think of Steven Covey’s thoughts on “Win-Win”.
    We HAVE to think on those terms and I hope the government can be mature enough to, as well.
    I’m going to do my part to encourage the producers (in Saskatchewan particularly) that STANDARDS are the only way all other countries have the legal raw milk rights they do and the only way we have a hope of having a situation we can ALL live with.
    Thank you for all you do!
    ps did you get my email about a bull?

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  3. Andrew Johnson

    Michael, were there any responses this letter that you be able to share with us?

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