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Michael Schmidt’s raw milk power point presentation from the National Farmers Union convention in December 2010

Apparently people have been asking about a downloadable version of Michael Schmidt’s presentation on raw milk from the NFU convention in Saskatoon. Well, here it is. But to open and view it, you’ll need power point or an equivalent program on your computer.

Michael Schmidt joined other raw milk supporters in Vancouver last year for a rally.

Go to the foodrightsalliance.ca website to download the file from the link that looks like: Continue reading

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George Monbiot recants vegan advocacy

From The Guardian UK:


“This will not be an easy column to write. I am about to put down 1,200 words in support of a book that starts by attacking me and often returns to this sport. But it has persuaded me that I was wrong. More to the point, it has opened my eyes to some fascinating complexities in what seemed to be a black and white case. Continue reading


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Raw milk’s role in engendering forces within the human being that can then be used for “psychic” healing

The subject of spiritual healing is a huge topic. While perusing a book on the subject recently (“Spirit Healing” by Bob Woodward) I was intrigued to encounter the following passage, attributed to Rudolf Steiner, who is otherwise known for his role in founding Biodynamic farming:

From a lecture titled “Problems of Nutrition“:

“Weak as well as strong organisms can gain support from milk. If a person were to live exclusively on milk for a time, then not only would his regular forces be awakened but it would also go beyond this. He would receive from it an influx of forces giving him additional strength. A surplus of forces would be acquired that could be developed into healing forces. In order to possess a force, it must first be acquired, and in milk we see one means of developing certain forces in ourselves. Those who are moved by the earnestness of life to develop certain psychic healing forces, can train themselves to attain them. Naturally we must remember that what is suitable for one, is not suitable for all. This is a manner for the individual. One person is able to do it, another not.” Continue reading


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