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No real reason given for shutting down Canadian prison farms — Toronto Star

From the Toronto Star, Saturday January 1, 2011:

In July, members of Save Our Prison Farms protested the federal government's closure of Canada's prison farms. Photograph by Lars Hagberg/THE CANADIAN PRESS

“A Public Safety Committee report that studies mental health and addictions in prisons recommends the federal government restore its prison farm program to help inmates with rehabilitation. The Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the Federal Correctional System report was presented to the House of Commons on Dec. 14. Continue reading

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Missouri court rules in favour of raw milk farmer’s right to deliver product

Emily Baucom, writing on Ozarks First.com:

Frame grabs from Fox video on the Ozarks First.com story. That's farmer Armand Bechard in the two top pictures and reporter Emily Baucon on the left of the bottom right picture.

“(Greene County, MO) — It’s a big win for farmers and people who prefer to buy locally-grown food.

A husband and wife who run a farm in Conway have been acquitted on charges of illegally selling raw milk inside Springfield city limits. Continue reading


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