New Vancouver-area raw milk cowshare announced — Triple A Dairy

From Gordon Watson in Vancouver:

Fortunately, Vancouverites will no longer have to resort to such extreme measures to secure their supply of raw milk.

In Ontario, Michael Schmidt proved that cowsharing is a lawful way for people to get raw milk.  He urges that more cowshares be formed, so as to meet the burgeoning demand for REAL MILK.  It’s crucial we get more cows out there, right away, producing, to consolidate his victory.

Therefore I’m convening a new cowshare, called Triple A Dairy.  I invite people in the Vancouver area, who appreciate the value of fresh, whole, pure milk – unprocessed, straight from the cow,  NOT Pasteur-ized – to contact me and become a joint-owner of a herd of dairy cows.

On the home page of my website see the letters to me from the BC Minister of Agriculture and the Director of Food Safety, acknowledging that raw milk produced by a cowshare for its members, is exempt from the requirement of Pasteur-ization.  < >   These letters are what convinced Alice Jongerden that cowsharing is legal, when she started Home on the Range raw milk dairy.  Serving hundreds of households, for three and a half years, she proved that dairying can be done safely to provide REAL MILK.  In September of 2010, she was run out of business by Fraser Health Authority : NOT for causing any genuine threat to the public health, but because her success embarrassed the dairy cartel.   The noise and commotion put out by the so-called “health authorities”, about our milk being contaminated, is utter nonsense = a lie to prevent the public from thinking for themselves about the quality of the food supply under the Stalinist milk marketing scheme

For over 2 years, we operated with no problem. But behind the scenes,  corporate interests lobbied to have a law ‘framed in mischief’, then perverted Justice to obtain a Court Order.  When things came to a head on February 1 2010, I handed up to the Bench those letters which spell-out the policy of the government on cowsharing.  High & Mighty Madame Justice Gropper had to  – literally – avert her eyes from what they said, wilfully refusing to take them into consideration, in order to come to her patently absurd ruling

But her foolishness has not stopped the flow of REAL MILK in British Columbia.  Michael Schmidt taught us that the way to prevail over idiots-in-high-places is to just keep on producing the good stuff.  Which is what he’s doing now as Agister for ‘Our Cows’

The cowshare model is predicated on principles that ; first, each of us has the right to use and enjoy our private property … in this case, the asset being, an undivided interest in a herd of cattle.  Second, that we have the right to security of the Person, which includes the freedom to eat what each of us wants, especially, to medicate oneself.  Third, that we are free to associate and participate in a lawful activity … ie., farming to provide food for ourselves
As soon as I find a bit of pasture to rent in the South Langley area, the Triple A Dairy will be underway.  Starting with two cows, I expect we’ll expand the same way Home on the Range did … adding a cow or two a month, as word gets around and informed consumers call me

The Campaign for REAL MILK assumes that a cow feeding on pasture, or hay in the winter, will produce 3 gallons of milk per day.  Multiplying that by 2 cows, times 7 days a week, translates into ~40 gallons per week.  Thus, each of 40 shares is entitled to a gallon per week.  Good dairy cows are selling for about $2000 lately.  Buying the jars/ lids,  feed, and all the associated expenses of starting-up requires $6000.  Therefore I need $150 each from 40 people.  Of course some may buy more than one share, in order to get more milk per week.  As explained in the Memorandum of Agreement, this share purchase fee is fully refundable, if and when a member leaves the cowshare.
Once a member owns a share, he or she pays a service fee for the agister to look after the cows and doing everything to make the milk ready for its owners.  That fee is $18 per week, to be payed in advance.  Shareholders can come to the farm to get their property or I will arrange to deliver it.  Yes, it’s very high-priced milk.  Part of what I’m doing is educating the nation how we’ve been so coddled and bamboozled, that we forgot one of America’s core values = ‘self-sufficiency’.  You want good food?  then start paying the producers properly

I expect that by about the beginning of August, I’ll be at the $30,000 level for gross income per annum, at which point the Harmonized Sales Tax kicks-in. The agistment fee will then go up to $5 per quart = $20 per week
The Cowshare Agreement is set out on my website, at the bottom of the page titled ‘Triple A’ : do NOT send money / cheques to me in the regular surface mail.  Rather, call me on the phone. It’s important the Agreement is complete,  before funds are payed-over

Gordon S Watson
email < >  telephone 604 526 5064  Postal address : 7954 Elwell Street Burnaby British Columbia V5E 1M4


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17 responses to “New Vancouver-area raw milk cowshare announced — Triple A Dairy

  1. I would like to set up a herd-sharing operation in BC. We already have a co-op, and plan to add a class of shares for the herd share part.

    Is there someplace I can access example bylaws for successful herd-share situations?

  2. Back when I was thirteen (1991) my dad bought into the first cow-share in Mexico. While, back in that time it was not to have access to raw milk, because raw milk in Mexico is widely available. It was to support artisanal dairy farmers, who had just started making cheese in a sustainable way. We were members of that CSA for about five years, until big Canadian and American agro finally pushed small dairy producers out of Mexico under the NAFTA agreement.
    New cow-share groups have re-started in southern Mexico, but the lack of infrastructure (highways) to bring cheese and milk from Chiapas to Mexico city in under a day, has meant that this have stayed local. Mexico city is right next to the state of Hidalgo, probably the largest milk producing state in central Mexico, however, every single head belongs to big commercial dairy companies.

    • Sarah Cash

      Hey, I was researching finding raw milk in Mexico City and I found this post. Can anyone help me find clean, safe raw dairy here, because I can’t! Everyone seems to drink milk out of a box, or soy milk if you’re “healthy”. I live in an area called Bosques de Aragon, if that helps.

  3. Michael

    This is extremly exciting.
    There are already so many in BC despite the legal threats.
    I will be back soon.
    Only cowards empower dictators

  4. Janeen

    Amen to Micheals comment!!

    Saskatchewan just had it’s first official cow-share start last week!
    (it’s not me though – we are just selling pet food once a month)

  5. Although I appreciate the roots of this movement, as a goatherd, I feel a tiny bit left out.

    I’m not one to stand on political correctness or terminology, but perhaps there are other goat/sheep/whatever milkers out there who would be more likely to participate if it were “Herdshare College” instead of cowshare this and cowshare that.

    Anyway, that’s a minor nit — I’m 100% behind the movement, no matter what it’s called!

    • Michael

      Jan you have an excellent point.
      In the US they have cow share college and goat university courses.
      However let’s look at it inclusively. You might have the benefit that Government is so occupied with harrassing cow share operations that goats escape their radar.
      You are includet and I do recognize the importance of cow-goat sharing as one and the same.
      Bless your goats my friend they graze where no cow wants to go

    • Julianna Mohler

      Jan, are you in BC? I’ve been looking for goat share milk, and it’s impossible to find (well, it’s not easy!)

    • Julianna Mohler

      Unfortunately, we live in Vancouver. I’d love to buy 50 shares but it’s not feasible to go that far. I wish we could find someone closer.

  6. Kurtis

    We need to unite as a “community” to defend any cow or goat share that needs it. That is where this begins and ends in regards to our winning or losing on this issue.

  7. Alice Jongerden

    Any suggestions how to make this happen? Perhaps events such as the following?

    We are having a special screening event featuring the Canadian documentary “Milk Wars”. The documentary summarizing Michael Schmidt’s case.

    The event will be held at Rio Theater (corner of Broadway and Commercial Drive) on 6th Feburary (Sunday) between 3pm to 5pm.
    There will be a live music entertainment by a local musician David Blair and a talk session.

  8. Alice Jongerden

    I should add the event is in Vancouver, BC

  9. Any new news on this matter? We raise sheep, live smack-dab in the middle of BC and would like to officially sell our milk to interested parties.
    So how are things right now as far as the herd share goes?
    Thanks, Will. (Ewes on Clogs)

    • Gillian

      ewesonclogs…where exactly is smack dab in the middle of the province? i would be interested in some pasture raised lamb if you sell that too…
      i am in fort st john but travel through once in a while…

  10. I am very interested in supporting the herdshare movement and joining or helping to build a goat/sheep herdshare in the Vancouver area. Please feel free to contact us ( for any opportunities or partnerships – let’s make this happen! Access to healthy food should be a right.

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