Michael Schmidt off to Edmonton for raw milk hearing Monday January 10th

Elisa and Beverley the last minute legal support team. All documents with hundreds of pages for the appeal hearing finished, bound and sorted. Off to Edmonton tonight for the appeal hearing and back to the farm tomorrow night. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt and Glencolton Farms.


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2 responses to “Michael Schmidt off to Edmonton for raw milk hearing Monday January 10th

  1. Kurtis

    I would have to ask. Where is the community in all of this? EVERY person who believes in their rights to raw milk has a vested interest in this outcome and should have been invited to get involved.

  2. For Mike and everyone else with the raw milk movement. Myself and all the raw milk milkmen who buy, sell, deliver raw milk; we wish you success. There are those in the government and alongside the government here in the Metro New York area that seeing these notices and those who support them, such as myself and all other milkmen; that the government make record of and are now making moves against. It is not all government people who were created equal. And God said, “There are two types of people on earth who create wars and destruction of all types. That is, the stupid people and/or the lazy people. ” To them I say along with other Real Milkmen, “Get a real job.” You are getting to be a “runner up” to the mighty DYSFUNCTIONAL DCF (Division of Child Family Services) in Connecticut and all other agencies that go by a different name but same government service in every other State of the Union. When people like this go as far as to hurt our families and our children, then it is time to sharpen not only the pen, but the pitchfork. There are some real Americans out there right now who have more money and other resources ready to get involved and extinguish their evil wrath sooner than they know about. As the saying goes, “Push the wrong guy and see what happens.” Real Food is power and this they want to control too. The funny thing about this is that they want to control it with bullshit laws rather than actually growing the food. Again, that is because they do not want to work the land. They do not want to harvest, nor plow, nor live with the land. They merely want to be the Lord of the Land. They call these people landlords. They do not want to work. They do not want to be farmers. Are any of them farmers?

    Ed Hartz &
    Milkmen USA

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