“Raw milk a nuisance” — Michael Schmidt reports from Alberta Health Board hearing today in Edmonton

Farmers Eric and Judith on the left, next to Michael Schmidt

Who is the enemy?????

I am sitting at the Edmonton airport waiting to fly home. We just finished our hearing in front of the Albert Health Appeal Board.

Once again the question was argued if the Government has the right to issue cease and decease orders prohibiting cow-share members to obtain their raw milk.

Reflecting back to our trials and tribulations I came to the conclusion to look at these proceedings as a very important process to slowly educate those who defend the status quo in the name of our health.

Participants are in good spirits after the hearing.

What a contradiction when you listen to witnesses who deeply struggled with their health but drastically improved after switching to raw milk.

What a contradiction when you listen to witnesses who get sick, severely sick when drinking pasteurized milk.

What a contradiction when a farmer milks his cows and suddenly finds himself in court facing accusations that a “health inspector” determined that a ” nuisance” exists because he milks cows for his cow share members.

Alberta’s regulators use the legal term Nuisance in their legislation for everything they deem is a danger for public health.

I have to admit I enjoyed listening to the Alberta Health lawyer James Murphy pointing over and over again to the letter of the law.

For him it was not an issue of peoples personal choice and right, it was the letter of the law what counts. He is right. When you argue within this regulatory frame work there is absolutely no room for choice.

"Women are the true power" says Michael Schmidt about this picture.

At one point during cross examination I commented on the sweeping powers the health inspectors have.

Any arbitrary decision by him goes without proper oversight.

If he says there is a health hazard or a danger to the health he can shut down every house hold, every birthday party, every gathering in Alberta.

It is clear that you cannot argue this fact because he is empowered by the regulations and various legislative acts.

Who gave him the power?

Those who think they know better because they can pass regulations.

Eric Pudlo the farmer at the center of this case said afterwards; hundreds of years ago people had to struggle for their food going hunting, today we back again hunting for healthy foods.

Farmer Eric Pudlo is smiling after the hearing.

The stark contrast between those who care and those who enforce was once again evident in these proceedings.

All and I mean All tried their best to bring across their position in regards to the issue.

Alanna and her wonderful children. She gave heartfelt testimony about her need for raw milk.

At the end James Murray the lawyer for Alberta Health simply closed with the most common argument:

It does not matter if raw milk is better for cow share members the law is the law and we should try to change it through our elected officials.

The other side of the debate. Glenn Jenkins from Alberta Health and their lawyer defending "the public" health laws

I think I heard that argument already 17 years ago. Dr Buckingham the Dean at the University for Public Health recently said it takes 30 years to change public health policies. 13 more years to go. Not bad considering the benefits of raw milk

Thanks to all for a great day in a highrise downtown Edmonton. An experience not to be missed.

Thanks to a great appeal board panel.

It might take a while to come to a decision. Do not hold your breath. A positive outcome would be too easy.

"Homage to virtue" -- poster at entrance to the hearing

Photos and story thanks to Michael Schmidt.


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12 responses to ““Raw milk a nuisance” — Michael Schmidt reports from Alberta Health Board hearing today in Edmonton

  1. thebovine

    I wonder… were local media in attendance at the hearing?

  2. thebovine

    Some background on the story:


    That is just one of many posts on The Bovine about this case. Use the search box on the right side of the Bovine home page to look up more related stories.

  3. Good Job!

    You are The Milkman.

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  5. janeen

    hmmm…”nuisance”…difference in values, that’s for sure – I sure know far more people who consider it “blessing”. Land flowing with milk and honey – that was the goal – God must have been wrong…

    Canada is treating raw milk people like “parasites” – and of course can’t seem to think in anything but “conventional agriculture” terms – KILL ‘EM but…in their stuborn ignorance, they don’t seem to realize… the more Ivomec(raids and court battles) they pour on, the stronger we get – no, they will never make this “nuisance” go away – we will just evolve and get stronger.
    They would be far smarter to let us LIVE…with some regulation…and we could all peacefully co-exist. oh wasn’t that a nice little day-dream…
    in 13 more years, I guess…

  6. Winifred

    Just want to add, that the farm share and cow share members support and respect your cross country (and cross continent) efforts in this cause and related situations. Keep up the good work Michael, and with the support of Glencolton Farms. Together, we will make a difference.

  7. Nancy

    Keep up the great work! I pray for farmers (the good ones) and will be praying for you too! Why can’t these people leave us alone! We are the ones who CHOOSE to drink this great food. As Michael Badnarik said “who controls your body?”!!! It’s MY body, MY choice regardless of any stupid law!

  8. Yogi HoBo

    I am so happy people are pushing this issue! Keep up the good work! As far as Alberta goes is there any petitions started to legalize raw milk here?
    If there is and you can let me know that would be very much appreciated!
    My mail is hobokai01@gmail.com

  9. I did some research on raw milk, and in the study some people yes, did get sick from raw milk, but some people died from pasteurized milk. I figured hey, if i get sick i can be cured…it’s kind of hard to cure death! So i’ve been happily drinking raw milk ever since with no illness. Actually i don’t seem to get acid reflux from the raw milk.
    I was thinking of moving back to Alberta someday, but if i can’t have my raw milk it might be a deal breaker for me.

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