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The history of the ruination of raw milk

From “The Ruination of Milk” by Jenny Lake:

“Today there is a (real!) grassroots movement to restore the wholesomeness of natural animal food products like dairy and return as many as possible commercial producers back to the “best practices” that ensure good health for animals and humans.

Controversy over the pasteurization of milk, originally adopted as voluntary, started from the very beginning of the practice in the 1880s and has never ceased. For good reason. The unsung story of pasteurized milk is having a new day in the grasp of enthusiastic raw milk drinkers who’ve discovered a healing food. [1].

Long a “trade” secret to pioneer bodybuilders of the early 20th century, raw milk was called “the perfect food”. But the benefits of fresh raw milk are no secret! Ancient societies have passed on the knowledge of milk as a medicine for the weak and the elderly and bodybuilders clearly understood it was a tonic for the strong and the beautiful! [2]. Continue reading

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Marijuana is OK but raw milk is NOT OK — in Humboldt County California

David E. Gumpert of The Complete Patient blog writes for Grist.org:

“Humboldt County in northern California has long been known as a mellow place, thanks in large measure to all the marijuana that’s grown there, legally and illegally.

But while Humboldt County may be the marijuana capital of America, it has no intention of becoming a mecca for another controversial natural product: raw milk.

Indeed, Humboldt County is having a very difficult time deciding whether to even allow the sale of unpasteurized milk, though decision time is rapidly approaching. On Tuesday evening, Jan. 11, the county’s Board of Supervisors is due to take up the issue — and it’s not at all clear what it will do. Continue reading

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“Where government fails” — as in dealing with public demands for freer access to natural foods like raw milk

Some insights from Bruce on the Bruce, stating what you might imagine would now be obvious to many people who’ve been following this saga:

“It is we that have to pick up the ball and run with it!

In this country we are regulated to death with a myriad of Simple serpents,spending our tax dollars justifying their existence.

Take for example the whole Raw Milk issue that Michael Schmidt is fighting. The fact of the matter is that people are drinking raw milk.  The health authorities charge people for selling and in Alberta for producing the product. Of course Schmidt has wrestled with them for 15 to 20 years and beat them, and they in turn appeal the decision. There is value for you tax dollars! Continue reading


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