“Where government fails” — as in dealing with public demands for freer access to natural foods like raw milk

Some insights from Bruce on the Bruce, stating what you might imagine would now be obvious to many people who’ve been following this saga:

“It is we that have to pick up the ball and run with it!

In this country we are regulated to death with a myriad of Simple serpents,spending our tax dollars justifying their existence.

Take for example the whole Raw Milk issue that Michael Schmidt is fighting. The fact of the matter is that people are drinking raw milk.  The health authorities charge people for selling and in Alberta for producing the product. Of course Schmidt has wrestled with them for 15 to 20 years and beat them, and they in turn appeal the decision. There is value for you tax dollars!

The people who are producing raw milk across the country are face with different laws in different provinces all operating illegally.

Crudeos to Michael Schmidt who is taking the bull by the horn by creating Cow Share Canada Inc.. This company is offering the only training, supervision and setting the standards to produce a safe product.

My last interview with Michael Schmidt allowed me some insight into what he is doing. It seems he has the right idea. He is spear heading the organization of an industry wherein which, these would be criminals producing milk with out government supervision, are regulating themselves to standards set out by the dairy industry. Now in my view this is a responsible approach!

No marketing board, no milk police no bull shit! Michael Schmidt has approached the local Health Authority as well as the Milk Marketing Board and been shunned.

Now call me stupid but ignoring the problem doesn’t solve the problem. Laying charges and wasting Court time and legal fees to punish people for exercising their right to choose does not seem very productive.

Under Michael Schmidt’s plan with Cow Share Canada Inc., the farmers register with his organization and immediately are set on a path to have their herd inspected, their operations certified to industry standards they are then offered courses to improve their quality and production. The fact of the matter is this approach holds the promise of prevention of disease and some controls which the Health Authorities have been unable to enforce effectively.

Now it seems logical to me that if you work in tandem with your adversaries you will eventually get everyone on the same page and solve the problems, whereas butting heads only gives you a head ache…..”

Read the whole story on Bruce on the Bruce blog.


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4 responses to ““Where government fails” — as in dealing with public demands for freer access to natural foods like raw milk

  1. Beverley Viljakainen

    I wouldn’t call you stupid at all . . . quite the opposite, in fact! Furthermore, the steps that are being taken to ensure that the risks are kept to a manageable minimum are NOT being funded by the government, i.e., the taxpayers, as are the lacklustre, uncooperative and sometimes downright shady activities of government agents supposedly acting for the public good. Go figure! . . .

  2. thebovine

    A comment on this story, from Facebook:

    Ruth Dianne Marshall
    : This article should remind everyone that you did not deliberately set out to get involved in “politics” but have been “called” to this task. It is so true that it is not all raw milk that needs to be banned but rather that raw milk producer…s would be allowed to be regulated with the same set of standards as other dairy food producers. I respect your integrity in being just as willing to expose the producers of unsafe raw milk, to allow them to be shut down in the interest of consumer health & safety, as you are to expose the ignorance behind an all out ban. It is true we have to deal with hypocritical decisions of governments who are willing to turn a blind eye to the products truly killing large numbers of Canadians, e.g. tobacco & alcohol, which I believe the Bible describes so well in calling it “straining gnats & swallowing camels”. It is also true our governments would rather waste millions of dollars “straining gnats” than admit to their sins of greed & self aggrandizing.

  3. A way to make a major improvement in the system is to provide access to the foods. One very good way to do this is through a Milkman/Milk Lady distribution system. If drugs did not have good dealers, they would be non-existent. A reason why raw milk and other fine local fresh farm foods do not get to do well or expand is due to the fact that the distribution system for these foods are poor. The Milkman Delivery System works. And it can serve up to approximately 130 customers a day direct to their door. Multiply this by 6 days a week. You now have about 800 customers. And this in with only one Milk Truck delivering. Many towns in America can utilize 3,4,5,6, or more MILK TRUCKS delivering each day. Imagine what that does for the food system, the farmers, agriculture, raw milk and the like, the community, and even the government. we are doing this now. If you are interested, please email or call The Milkman Company. We would be glad to explain the details or guide you along the way.

    email: themilkmancompany@earthlink.net
    And please provide your telephone number. we will call you after you state your concerns. Thank you.

    The Milkman is Back!

    Milkmen USA

  4. AJ

    Good Morning Miklmen USA. In Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, and Medicine Hat, there are still older homes where there is a cubbyhole beside the back door where the milkman would deposit fresh milk and pick up the empty bottles. I have even spoken with people who remember those deliveries being done with horse and wagon. OH!!! Wouldn’t it be bliss for us as consumers to return to those simpler days.

    Please don’t give up the fight, we must win, if only for the sake of future generations.

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