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Food Safety in Canada, recent items:

Believe it or not this is an actual "food" product that may have been legally sold in Canada.

Raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt has just posted some links to a lot of recent Health Canada “Health Hazard Alerts” about contaminated food that the public should beware of consuming. Click here to read Michael’s post

Story from the Toronto Star about the recall of those, perhaps aptly named, “Toxic Sludge” candy bars: Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt looks at the judiciary and recent raw milk / food rights cases

From Michael Schmidt’s Reflections of a Candidate blog, from a post titled “Are the Courts Failing Us????”

“Is Justice Paul Kowarsky the only one who has the courage or the wisdom?

Let Children judge to have more justice than we have now.

As I am following countless legal proceedings across Canada and the US, I begin to question the truly independent role of the courts. I question if they are setting themselves up for being accused to simply follow the corporate/government agenda and therefore will experience a huge loss of credibility.

The image of ruling as an independent body from Government on the merits of the case seems to be tainted based on a string of recent rulings across this continent.

It appears that more and more the courts play second fiddle in determining how justice is constructed. I have seen fundamental rulings overturned based on a Government appeal. I have seen rulings which appear to be based on fear instead of truly questioning the merits of the case. Continue reading


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More on raw milk standards in America

From David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog:

“Why should we care about raw milk producers abiding by some set of quality and safety standards?

A number of people raised that question when I reported a few weeks ago that an ad hoc group of raw milk producers and consumers, headed by Tim Wightman of the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, were involved in drafting quality and safety standards. The worry that seemed most prominent in the many comments was that any independent group or organization involved in setting and enforcing standards could very well be co-opted by government agencies.

I think the events out of California’s Humboldt County over the last few days can safely put those fears to rest. No government agency that I can think of would want to be associated with raw milk standards, now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which funds so many state public health and agriculture agencies, has sought to put the kabosh on standards. Continue reading

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