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Embargoed raw milk products missing from Hartmann Farm — Star-Tribune

From the Star-Tribune.com:

Michael Hartmann’s dairy farm is south of Gibbon, Minn. Photo: Dan Browning, Star Tribune

“State inspectors who recently sought to seize and destroy products from rogue dairy farmer Michael Hartmann found that much of the raw milk and other products had gone missing, according to court filings.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture claims Hartmann is in contempt of court, because a judge found last month that Hartmann’s products were produced under unsanitary conditions and ordered them destroyed. Continue reading


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Western elites playing their “food card”?

From Benjamin Fulford at Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis:

Image credit: Stephen Webster/Wonderful Machine via The Atlantic

“The end game for the Western elite is becoming clear now that food riots have once again begun erupting around the world. The elite has worked long and hard to ensure they controlled a monopoly on the world’s grain trade. They have also forced most countries that submitted to IMF “austerity programs” to give up food production in exchange for production of inedible commodities that can be traded for “dollars.” This has been part of their long term plan to conquer humanity by controlling their minds, their stomachs and their lives (through threat of violence).” Continue reading

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Cleopatra’s raw milk bathing lotion — not only in B.C., but also in Australia

Image assembled from actual on-line store. Click image to go there.

From abundantorganics.com.au Continue reading


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Dr. Wakefield and the MMR vaccine

From Raine Saunders at Agriculture Society:

Photographed on Jan. 28, 2010, Andrew Wakefield speaks to the media after a hearing at the General Medical Council in London. The GMC ruled that Wakefield acted unethically in purporting to prove a link between MMR vaccinations and autism. Photo: LUKE MACGREGOR/REUTERS

“It has been stated over and over again in pro-vaccine communities that Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues claimed there to be a direct “connection” to the MMR and autism. But the truth is, never was there an outward statement by any of these doctors that MMR was the cause of autism. Continue reading


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Praise for Michael Schmidt’s concluding speech in his campaign to become the provincial PC candidate for Grey Bruce

From the “Balance your apple” blog:

Farmer Michael Schmidt. Photo of image from Owen Sound Sun Times newspaper

“I have to say that this is the best political speech I have heard in years. I implore all of you to read it. Our small farms are having a hard time surviving as we import most of our fruits, vegetables and a lot of our meat from other countries.

If I lived in Bruce County I would vote for this man who speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to tell the truth. As I talk to farmers and research the future of our agricultural business, I become more and more aware that agribusiness and government double talk are conspiring to destroy our right to real foods. Foods grown without the billions of dollars of pesticides, herbicides and medications used in conventional farming. Foods that humans for thousands of years have eaten. Continue reading

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