Praise for Michael Schmidt’s concluding speech in his campaign to become the provincial PC candidate for Grey Bruce

From the “Balance your apple” blog:

Farmer Michael Schmidt. Photo of image from Owen Sound Sun Times newspaper

“I have to say that this is the best political speech I have heard in years. I implore all of you to read it. Our small farms are having a hard time surviving as we import most of our fruits, vegetables and a lot of our meat from other countries.

If I lived in Bruce County I would vote for this man who speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to tell the truth. As I talk to farmers and research the future of our agricultural business, I become more and more aware that agribusiness and government double talk are conspiring to destroy our right to real foods. Foods grown without the billions of dollars of pesticides, herbicides and medications used in conventional farming. Foods that humans for thousands of years have eaten.

Remember that there is big money in producing GMO seeds, chemicals and then the drugs to “cure” the problems these things create in us and our children. Real farmers grow real food on ground that sustains itself through good farming practices, not chemicals. If we had more people like Michael Schmidt in the politics of this country, we would see our air, waterways and food supply improve in quality and our children become healthier and stronger for future generations.

As long as we listen to empty promises from politicians looking at what to say to gain votes, we are doing ourselves a grave injustice. 2010 is a good year to implement change on a higher level. Clients are asking me about what real food is more than ever before. The consumer is becoming more aware of the issues around our food supply and the fact that our bodies and minds are created by what goes in our mouths.

I hope that the residents of Bruce County understand how important it is to have someone representing them who is not afraid to speak his mind. Real change happens when people stand up and say ‘no more’. Otherwise the old saying “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten” will prevail.

In a situation where real change has to happen to save our environment, our children, our grandchildren and our very planet, we can do our part by voting for people like Michael Schmidt who are not afraid to speak out against the status quo.”

Go to Balance your apple for a link to the speech they’re talking about.

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