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Massive food price inflation in China

From a post on the mi2g.com blog:

The Chinese are not the only ones wondering Yuan this problem will end. Image from mi2g.com

Massive Food Inflation

“Around Shanghai, the price of certain food products has risen by at least 50 percent in the past year, sparking anger amongst the poorer shoppers who spend up to half of their income on food. In some parts of China, the price of basic foods has doubled — gone up by 100 percent — and shoppers in the southern city of Shenzhen have been reported to skip across the border to Hong Kong to buy their daily groceries!…” Continue reading

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B.C. meat plant covers up positive E-coli 0157 test result — CBCnews.ca report

From CBCnews.ca:

Pitt Meadows Meats is a meat processing plant located in Pitt Meadows, a city east of Vancouver. (Photo: Curt Petrovich/CBC)

“One of British Columbia’s largest meat processing plants covered up lab results that showed a sample of its product was contaminated with the deadly E. coli O157 strain, CBC News has learned.

The coverup came to light when Daniel Land, who oversaw the plant’s quality assurance, contacted CBC News, saying officials at Pitt Meadows Meats Ltd. told him to keep quiet about the positive test result obtained on Sept. 9. Continue reading


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Raw milk — the Vancouver experience

Hella D shares her personal experience with raw milk along with some history of the Our Cows cowshare:

I'm guessing this must be raw milk being filtered for cosmetic use at Our Cows. Photo via Hella D.

“We live in a small apartment overlooking a couple main roads, right next to two gas stations in Vancouver BC. When we moved here one of the first things I did was to try to find a farm that would supply us with raw milk. Living in an apartment in a city without a place to grow your own food or have any access to a farm is a very precarious situation. We are fortunate to have a long sunny balcony where I grow herbs and a wonderful friend is letting us garden in her backyard this year, but food secure is something we are far from being. Continue reading

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