Deconstructing the Milk Man mythology

Hella D just posted this hilarious if raunchy little video, complete with the following exegesis:

“Wow this video is just too funny! Beware the milkman–they are always so healthy and in shape from all the good raw milk they drink and hard work they do. I guess they just can’t help but be good and wholesomely sexy, with a strong libido to boot.

That’s probably where all those tales we used to hear of the good ole fashioned milkmen and the lonely housewives all come from in the first place. Perhaps that is the real reason they put a stop to local small scale dairies ;) Too many corporate types away from home all day were realizing their kids weren’t really theirs, heh…”

Read it all on Hella D.’s blog

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  1. Elsje de Boer

    Sorry, of money I have barely enough as it is. However, I would like to add a comment to the interview on CBC this morning. (I’ve lived on raw milk most of my life)
    With regard to risk assessment, those opting for raw milk have a choice and consciously choose to take this risk. It does not seem right to restrict such a choice, since it in no way afffects others.
    It would make more sense to forbid snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding anywhere except in designated and maintained areas. Every year, a number of people die in avalanches in the back country and in the process put rescue teams in great danger and incur great expense. It would also make more sense to forbid smoking altogether; it is a known, proven, and considerable health risk, potentially causes or contributes to lung cancer, causes COPD, and puts those around at risk for health problems. I have yet to hear of someone dying of drinking raw milk. So long as others are free to risk their lives and those of others in avalanches, it makes no sense whatsoever to forbid raw milk when in other areas of life we have full freedom to risk our own life and that of others.
    Keep up the good fight!

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