Michael Schmidt in Wisconsin to talk about raw milk at BD conference

This past weekend Michael Schmidt was in Viroqua Wisconsin to speak at a biodynamic conference. He sends these pictures:

Michael Schmdt with Vernon Herschberger

Above: Visiting Vernon Hershberger the courageous farmer in Wisconsin who is one of the first openly defying the states authority in an act of civil disobedience by breaking the Government seals of all his coolers and freezers. (see behind).

The seals here put on by DATCAP, the Wisconsin state authority cracking down on farmers currently providing raw milk to consumers and cow share owners. He simply stated that the State has no right and authority to interfere in his private arrangement between him and his members. This open act of defiance send shockwaves through the administration.

Vernon Herschberger and his and his boys operating the home farm

Raw milk toast with State Senator Dan Kapanke of Wisconsin. He is the chair of the Ag-committee and a crucial ally in the current battle to introduce another raw milk bill.

Senator Dan Kapanke and Brian Wickert of the Wisconsin BD-Society answering questions regarding the upcomming vote of the raw milk bill in Wisconsin. The Senator attended the screening of the Canadian I-Channel Documentary MILK WAR. After the screening the Senator walked straight up to me visibly moved and congratulated me for our courage to stand up for our rights.

The Senator with raw milk in his hand assured us that he does not support that the State of Wisconsin should have the authority to tell people what to eat or drink.

Vince Hundt hosted Michael Schmidt this weekend while he was the keynote speaker in Viroqua. We were truly honored as a farm to have him share some wisdom and sage knowledge with us. Photo via St. Bridgit's Meadow, on Facebook.

Video above not directly related to Michael’s visit. That’s Vernon, breaking the government seals on his refrigeration devices.



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2 responses to “Michael Schmidt in Wisconsin to talk about raw milk at BD conference

  1. Denise Campbell

    Thanks to that Senator! We need more like him! Maybe he will get on the horn and talk to his colleagues?

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