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Raw milk “Milk War” movie will be screened in Vancouver Feb. 6, 3pm

Hella D. on the upcoming Milk War movie screening in Vancouver:

From the November 2006 raid at Glencolton Farms -- by Ministry of Natural Resources personnel

Written and directed by award winning journalist Kevin O’Keefe
Produced by Declan O’Driscoll
Gemini Award-winning actor Colm Feore narrates Continue reading

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Mercola interviews Dr. Wakefield on his MMR vaccine studies and on the recent attempts to discredit his findings

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Raw milk vending machines in Europe

From Lune at the “Constant State of Flux” blog:


We found the material for this post on the Salt Spring News along with the following bit of commentary:

“Having grown up on a dairy farm and having operated one myself, I’ve been drinking raw milk most of my life. It’s not automatic that raw milk is a safe product. Continue reading


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Raw milk helps on the road to recovery

Hella D. shares a little of her own journey back to health and how important raw milk has been in that. But first, a little video from an earlier post about making kefir:

“….I started making raw milk kefir around a year ago when we finally took the plunge and went on the GAPS diet. Around the same time a place finally opened up for us to join our local cowshare, which is now Our Cows. These days if I don’t get my daily kefir, my digestion just isn’t happy. Continue reading

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Raw milk dairy fights back and wins

Annie White on Health Freedom Alliance:

Armand Bechard (left) -- Photo via Health Freedom Alliance

“What is the small dairy farmer to do when big brother comes to the door demanding that you put an end to exercising your right to provide a food that has a demand and that is safe?  Fight it.

The targeted operations providing raw products are bogged down by these ongoing legal battles that cost time and money, both of which are tight on farms. So whether the farm wins or not, the ongoing battles cause disruption in performance and profit. But the FDA has all the time and money in the world to waste and they seem very content to spend it perusing these small, rural operations. Continue reading

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