100 Mile House man grew up drinking raw milk, mom sold milk to neighbours

From Don Branch in the Vancouver Sun:

“I grew up on raw milk and so did everyone who lived before pasteurized milk existed. We never became ill because of the milk. As a matter of fact, we made our own butter and fought siblings over the thick cream on top of the milk for our cereal.

We separated the milk from the cream and mom sold the milk to sawmill workers and with milking three cows twice a day she could have sold even more. So what is wrong with people drinking fresh unpasteurized milk? I am with the dairy folks on this one.”


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2 responses to “100 Mile House man grew up drinking raw milk, mom sold milk to neighbours

  1. thebovine

    In another 10 or 20 years we’ll no longer have so many people like this still around to bear witness to mankind’s collective memory of raw milk drinking. Yet another reason why now is a decisive time for the future of healthy eating.

  2. Ann

    I grew up on a dairy farm; dairy farming was our business. We drank and cooked with this (unpasteurized) milk. We lived in a farming community and no one that I was aware of had any illness from drinking unpasteurized milk. I never knew what it was like to buy milk in a carton until I lived on my own. I remember my first taste of commercial milk; I’ve never had a glass of milk since that first sip.

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