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Egyptian gene bank looting — collateral damage or “counter-insurgency”?

From Matt Styslinger, at the Energy Bulletin news site:

Egyptian deserts gene bank. Photo via Agricultural diversity weblog

The effort to maintain the world’s biodiversity has taken another hit. In the chaos surrounding the political unrest and public uprising in Egypt, looters have badly damaged the country’s Desert Research Center in El Sheikh Zowaid in North Sinai. The center houses the Egyptian Deserts Gene Bank (EDGB), and—according to the Global Crop Diversity Trust—equipment has been stolen and the cooling system has been damaged. Continue reading


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“Go ask Alice” — controversial B.C. raw milk agister sheds some light on the Home on the Range / Our Cows story

Hella Delicious has the scoop:

Alice Jongerden. Photo via Hella D

“I had the opportunity to have dinner with Alice Jongerden, and she told me some of how she came to be our cow’s caretaker. She originally started with just one cow because she wanted fresh milk for her kids.

Unfortunately, that cow was dry and she didn’t get any milk. After a while she decided to sell the cow and get another one. This one gave too much milk. Soon she had milk coming out her ears and started sharing their cow with other people.

More people started coming and asking Alice to milk their cows for them as well, soon Alice had to ask another family to help out with caring for the member’s cows. After about a year they decided to find a location for all the cows to be together. Continue reading

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FDA sends up trial balloon on changing 60-day rule for raw milk cheese aging

From David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog:

“When large government agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration want to make controversial policy changes, they often use the major media to launch trial balloons to see how different options play with key constituencies.

That helps explain why both the New York Times and Washington Post came out Saturday with major articles about the FDA’s coming clampdown on raw milk cheese, and its likely trashing of the 60-day rule–the minimum aging of raw milk cheese for commercial sale. This is something I’ve been anticipating for a year now, and the day of the actual restrictions is drawing ever closer—likely within the next few months, according to the FDA’s friends at the major media. Continue reading

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Dairy farmer fought the system in 1974 over direct-to-consumer raw milk sales

Michael Schmidt: “Joseph Heckman from Rutgers University gave me this article” (from Mother Earth News):

I fought the system and won

There’s an old American proverb (you probably first heard it in grade school) that says: dictum, you shouldn’t try even try to confront the Powers That Be … because “you can’t win”.

“I guess I never learned that proverb,” says John A. Kolezynski of Long Valley, New Jersey,” Because when the creameries — and the Department of Health—in my state conspired to me out of the dairy business, I was ‘dumb’ enough to fight back. And when I did I found out something interesting about the American system of justice: It still works. Sometimes.”

On April 15, 1974, I received a summons to appear in court. I was being sued by the state of New Jersey. Continue reading

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